Burning on a Cross

April 26, 2012
I flew. My wings felt heavy, and hurt from all the lion attacks. I pushed myself, I couldn't let the pain stop me from helping him. Micheal.
He promised this would work out like he planned, but this isn't what he meant. To be burned on a cross. To let these mortals ruin his human body.
My father sent us down from the heavens to bring peace and harmony to earth. To teach them the truth. Humans do not know the truth, and most are corrupted because of Lucifer. The banished one. He is the one to blame for the blood shed, and tears cried from the innocent.
I don't believe people are bad, or good. They are simply ignorant to the truth. But I can't help but think maybe they should be. So they don't have to face a war bigger than them. Bigger than me, and other angels.
My heart flooded with pain as I saw a flame start in the coliseum. I flew faster than I have ever before.
'I'm too far away' I thought.
The wind made my human eyes watery, I thought the color would come out and I would have streaks of green down my cheeks. But only clear liquid came out. My messy brunette human hair was flowing behind me, and my ragged clothes were falling off of my body.
I came closer and closer to the coliseum. I saw him. His hands and feet were bleeding where nails have been pierced through his skin. He looked at me with glum eyes, and as I got closer they got fret.
My wings became numb and motionless. I fell in front of him. His beauty was breath taking. I've been around him for centuries, and his eyes always made me tense. His curly brown hair was down and his beard was uncut. My eyes fixed over his bear chest with whip scars. He struggled to keep himself up and was beginning to give up.
When my eyes finally met his they look afraid for me. His eye brows scrunched together.
"What are you doing here?" He asked in a hoarse voice.
What was I doing ? I looked puzzled. I sat there and tried to find the words to my answer.
"Saving you" I said almost in a whisper, "we're going back home"
He shook his head. Then quickly, the guards came running towards me. I wasn't one for fighting, so I dodged them. I saw the man who had the fire kicked it from his hands.
"Armatt, this is the plan" Micheal shouted to me, "you have to go back before they close the gates"
"Plan?" I asked.
Plan? The plan was to bring peace to Rome. To change the people way of thinking. To make people love, instead of hurt. It was never brought to light that he would die.
The biggest guard held me back. He brought me over to Micheal and ties me to the base of the cross. I struggled to get loose with no luck. The bone crushing tight rope was cutting into my flesh with each move.
"Our Father and I discussed a plan, nobody else was told" he said to me, "if I would've told you, you never would've agreed"
"I don't agree !" I exclaimed.
I struggled to fight me free. Finally Micheal burned me free with his powers. The rope fell to ashes, and there were no cuts left. I looked at him amazed.
"You have to go back" he said to me again with calm loving eyes.
"I can't leave you" I said looking down, "I WON'T leave you"
The big guard reached for me again, and I moved from his grasped swiftly. I grabbed his neck, and pressed his pressure point. He fell to the ground and laid there motionless.
All of a sudden, my wing came out. The guards tried to grab me, but my light was shinning. I looked at Micheal for help, and saw the flame. My heart stopped.
"I will be fine" he said to me calmly putting on the sweetest smile I have ever seen, "you trust me, right?" He moved his pinky finger around in circles the best he could.
I looked back at the guards who were covering their eyes from my light. My true angle form. My body was not working. My brained failed, and my mouth forgot how to open up.
"I will always trust you" I said finding my arm and putting it up in the air to pinky-promise him.
He didn't scream, or fight the fire. He ate it up. The fire started at the base and rushed up hungry for more. Tears were streaming down my face, and the guards and crowd were screaming "Witch" in Latin. When I couldn't bare to look at the cross anymore, I took flight. Rushing towards the gates that were about to close.
I couldn't shake the feeling like I was leaving something. When I looked back my human body was on the coliseum floor leaking blood. I was in my angel form. The touch of a strong masculine hand grabbed mine sent shivers through my body.
His beauty was ten times better in his angel form. A smile formed on his face and my lips mimicked his. He eyes were at rest, and our light shined brighter than ever.

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