Tecumseh's Speech

April 28, 2012
By rnoyte GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
rnoyte GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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I stood there in awe after hearing the speech of the Indian, Tecumseh. He is the prominent leader of the Native Americans. He has angered me. He thinks that he owns this land, the land of America. Just because he came here first doesn’t mean a single thing. This world was made for all human beings. It was not just made so every single race would own a specific piece of land.

I have settled near Vincennes for about 5 years and have 5 children and a wife. We have made home here, and hunt. We have bought this piece of land with our own money. We are entitled to this land just as the Indians. Just because they have lived here longer doesn’t mean that the whole land is there. They have sold 3,000,000 acres to us, and now they want it back. They claim that we stole the land from them. They’re the ones who sold it in the first place. How did we steal the land from them? Why did they sell it in the first place? If they want our money, it’s theirs to keep, but they can’t gain their land back anymore.

I believe in equality, and believe that everyone should be in the same environment. Tecumseh has said that “there can not be two occupations in the same place. The first excludes all others.” He is simply stating, “Finders keepers, and losers’ weepers.” Well, we found the land too. Just because we found it second doesn’t mean a single thing. We have the right to buy the land fairly from the Indians.
Also, it’s not fair what he said that the, “Great Spirit”, placed just one race in the land, and then “made it miserable by the white people.” Well, maybe their Great Spirit cursed them. God has placed us here for our own good. Our ancestors escaped from the Church to freely practice their own religion. Just because we are white, doesn’t mean we can’t prosper. We have come to explore this land under Christopher Columbus around the 1500’s. We have explored the land, and have found this land just as the Native Americans had long ago. We are going to take over, and someday rule this land. We are finally going to start a new era, and share the land with the Indians.
We currently share land with a different race too. The white men have lived with the colored for many years. We have brought them from Africa to come here to live with us. What’s so wrong to share land with the Indians? I know we may have clashes and arguments with them, but in the meantime we can still come together and make peace.

Someday the Native Americans could possibly take over this land. They could rule over and oppress us, unless we change the game plan. If we win this argument and fight, no matter how much blood we will shed, it will be worth it. We can expand America and make it ours. This whole continent will be ours if we work hard, be wise, and have our own tactics, and then we can prosper and can call this “home of the white men.”

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Reaction of Tecumseh's speech.

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