Part 1: Into the Underworld

April 11, 2012
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My name is Eesha; and I am a 13 year old boy currently in Demeter High School. It’s quite an interesting place in America that allows transfer students from Greece. Even though I know English just as well as everyone here, I’m still having trouble writing this world history paper on my country. However, most kids don’t get to actually experience history as far back as I have, so instead of an essay, I feel like this story from a few perspectives will be much better.

I was having problems with this bully named Usiris, who was an unimaginative loser. He was one of those guys that made fun of kids who played “children’s” card games, or kids that even took an art class. Unfortunately, I did both because I felt like I was in a different world when I did these things.
One day, he just went too far. As I was playing The Underworld, the card game I loved, he walked into the room with a smirk stretched from ear to ear slowly approaching me from behind. No one told me about him, so I was going to take my turn and play a mythical creature from my hand, but he got to me and as he passed; I felt a flat and heavy hand hit across the back of my head. Right then and there, I got sucked back into reality and then my face flushed red with anger.
I got up and smacked Usiris right across the face. He stared at me in shock for a second, and then he jumped on me and then a punch flew into my face that caused a drawing of blood. Before I could return the favor, Mr. Johnson, the principal, intervened.
He pulled both of us into his office and gave us his usual speech. Before he was about to give his usual spiel, Mr. Johnson realized that he forgot our permanent records. Once he left, I reached across his desk to grab an orb with gods and the titans in it. I felt quite mesmerized, and then Usiris reached for it after feeling its aura. I tried to get it out of his reach, but it slipped right out of my hand. It shattered with a force greater than most would expect.

Spirals flew out, almost like fireworks, and a massive amount pink dust appeared from the shattered orb. The spirals became vortexes that sucked both of us in with an overwhelming amount of force. We easily traveled through the tunnel of magic at more than 50 miles and hour. I had a bad feeling because both Usiris and I screamed like cats that just got ran over. We were launched out into a world with an olive green sky and dark brown dirt. It was a desolate area that contained bones and small shrubs that could only flourish in arid areas. After about three seconds of confusion, I immediately went at Usiris's throat, I said "DUDE, WHERE ARE WE!?" He answered with a raspy voice, “I don't know,” and he then kicked me off and punched my stomach. I then felt cracks in my jaw as he then continued to punch my face. I then with realization, I said, “Wait! We can't do this we NEED each other”...

“Are you getting the permanent records again Mr. Johnson?”
“Indeed. Hey Steve, you’re the class president, maybe you can work out their differences.”
"Who's differences?"
"Oh, just Eesha’s and Usiris’s again."
“Ok Mr. Johnson, I’ll try my best.” I then entered the room that contained them, but they weren’t there.
"Usiris"... "Oh Usiris".... I then looked down and though, Hmmm, that's bizarre; they don't usually smash things before leave. What's this? Zeus and the titans, that's interesting... Whoa Whoa AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”
Mr. Johnson then called from the other side of door, "Steve, what's going on?"
"Help me Mr. Johns......"


The pink light dissipated and as soon as my senses returned horns blared and people chanted. I then looked around to see huts made of stones and gold. I saw people with togas and bronze armor, and I even saw an ominous green sky. “What's going on? Where am I? Somebody help!
“Quick son, get on some gear; we have to prepare the Athenian invasion.”
“But I’m not a soldier.”
“This is NOT time for comedy and theater. Move before we feed you to the kraken.”
Without further adue, I left him because he looked a little too crazy for my taste. However, I felt the urge to ask where this gear was anyway. I noticed this very well trained young boy that had several long scars across his left leg. I then asked, “Do you know where the armory is?”
He stared deeply into my face, analyzing every sweat drop on my face without uttering a word.
He then said, “What kind of stupid kid are you?”
I hesitated and before I could answer back, he said it was around the corner on the third block. I ran there and decided to go along and put my on some gear. Even though everything was clattering, I hoped everything was in place. I then left the armory to join one side of the numerous soldiers on one side of a valley.
On the other side the hill there were different colored Greek phalanx standing, chanting and ready to fight. Horns blared again and all the sudden both sides came at each other with tons of force. The ground rumbled from all the footsteps and the deafening roar of at least 5,000 soldiers. Fortunately, I was still in the back waiting for the soldiers to come for me if we began to lose. From the hill, it looked like the enemy was pushing forward. I waited for half an hour, and I heard hundreds of thousands of slashes on bronze and through flesh. It was then that I realized this was a little more real than I thought.
After several minutes of thinking, I charged in with my gear clanking and ran into my first enemy. I had my large shield to protect me if needed. I slashed at some man's head. He tried to draw up his heavy shield, but it was too late for him. When the sword made contact, it really did not feel like it at all. I then realized that I could be a killing machine, and all the sudden I heard a scream that had a ferocious tone from behind. I immediately forced my shield behind myself and blocked what was going to be my death. I then retaliated and he easily saw what was coming. He dodged my swing as it was in motion and he swung his sword with great swiftness, but my large shield proved to be a great difficulty to deal with. I hid behind my shield for a few seconds. He hacked, smashed, and kicked at it for a few seconds and I held with all my might, but the blows to my shield stopped. I peered over soon saw him on the ground with an arrow lodged in his chest cavity. All the sudden someone screamed, “The general is dead, everybody return back!”
They sprinted back and all of us decided not to follow them. Everyone on our side of the front then surrounded me. One man asked with pride, “Sir what is your name?”
I then hesitantly replied, “Steve.” The phalanx then put me next to an archer and announced, “Our new generals, Steve and Spartakos.”

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