The past days...

April 10, 2012
By soobin BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
soobin BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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Today’s morning in Miami is so sunny. In my garden, my grandchildren are romping. I close
my eyes and think my old days. It was nightmare... On New Year’s Day in 1959, Batista’s government was destroyed, and then Fidel Castro’s Cuba was beginning. At that time, I was just 5 year old boy. After 10 years, one day, Cuban soldiers entered our house and pushed us out. And my father and uncle arrested. I didn’t know why soldiers arrested my father and
uncle. I just cried and cried. “Mom, why that soldiers caught father and uncle?” I asked to mother. But she didn’t answered. “Mom. why that people...” I murmured. “Matt! Tomorrow is school day, isn’t it? Let’s go to the bed!” she shouted. “Mom, Can’t you hear me? Why that people caught my father?” I asked again. “Matt, I said, it’s time to go bed. Good night.” she said and then left my room. At that night, I couldn’t go sleep well. Next day, people talked in whispers each other about last night’s happening. And they glanced at me. I felt so shameful. But one man who wore a black suit came to me. “Hi there. Are you Mike’s son?” the man asked. Mike is my father’s name. “Oh, yes! I’m Matt. Do you know my father?” I said. “Of course! I am Mike’s friend, James. I’m so sorry to hear that your father and uncle.” he said. “Oh no. It’s okay. But do you know anything about why my father arrested?” I asked with expected. “Well... of course I know. Do you want to know about it?” he smiled at me. “Yes, I
want to!” I yelled. And then we met everyday after school. Every day, he told me about Cuba and Castro’s reign. It made me have interest in government. At first, Castro was good leader whom Cuban citizens believed and supported. As time went gone, however, he governed dictatorship and didn’t hear citizen’s voice. He sought communism which is regulated economy government controlled property cooperation. My father and uncle were just against to Castro’s dictatorship and they made a group which gathered with opponent to Castro. But Castro’s government noticed that, and then they arrested my father and uncle. I seethed. And I studied more about Castro’s government. I met some friends , Jacob and Lisa, who have the same idea with me during studying government. We studied together and gathered people who object to Castro’s reign. Lisa was one of the ardent people. She did her best to everything. As time went gone, I like her more and more. So I decided to propose to her after our fight with Castro. Our group gathered more and more people and planned to kill Castro.
And we wanted to establish citizen’s country. For our dream, we studied hard and searched about Castro hard. One day, however, my mom called me. “Matt, is it true that you are working with opponents to government? Did you meet James?” my mom said nervously. “Yes, what’s wrong?” I answered very calmly. “Oh god... Matt, you know, your father and uncle arrested because they were opponents to government. Please, Matt, quit it now! I don’t want to lose you.” mom cried. But I couldn’t stop it. I started because of my father and uncle. I hugged her and said; “Mom, it will be all right.” James who is still opponent to government always gave power to me. Finally, we decided a day. On June 1st, 1978, we carried out our
plan. Lisa and I were concealed ourselves under Castro. Jacob and others waited for our sign.
Lisa and I watched carefully and directed to them. However, Castro’s soldiers noticed that and readied to shoot the guns. I was really scared. So I forgot informing that to Jacob, and ran away with grasped Lisa’s hand. After a week, I heard some of group members were killed and Jacob and the others were in jail. I was really despaired. I thought all of that is my fault. But I could stand because of my mom and Lisa. After one year, I proposed to Lisa and we married.
But still I didn’t have courage to meet Jacob and our group. In 1980, Castro temporarily eased emigration restrictions. So my mom, Lisa and I moved to U.S., Miami... I open my eyes, and watch my grandchildren again. It’s so peaceful. I am still sorry for Jacob and our group.

However, I don’t regret that past days...

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