A lucky gamble

April 10, 2012
By cameron rhodes BRONZE, Euegene, Oregon
cameron rhodes BRONZE, Euegene, Oregon
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“Agent Norwalk!” My boss yelled. “We got a new mission for you; you ship out to Cuba early tomorrow morning.” My boss said angrily. Not wanting to set him off I calmly asked, “Alright what’s the mission?” My boss explained “It seems Castro is getting ready to stop any talk of revolution once and for all he’s hired the infamous arms dealer “Aloisio” to get the job done your mission is simple find him and arrest him before any deals are made.” I asked him how I would investigate considering that I can’t speak Spanish. “That won’t be a problem we have translator.” My boss said. “OK then I better start packing.” I said getting up, my boss stopped. “Norwalk one more thing if he resists I want you to shoot him.” That shook me up a little I had never had to resort to that before I walked out without responding. I guess I should take a minute to explain right? OK my name is Edward Norwalk I’m an agent for Interpol. After getting my assignment I decided to go home to pack before I left I noticed something flying at the back of my head I turned and caught it. I looked around and saw my wife standing there “You almost forgot you’re lucky coin.” I smiled “Thanks honey.” And with that the next thing I knew my plane touched down in Cuba. I stepped off the plane and looked up for a second then I looked forward again I saw an odd man in a purple suit about near me I jumped back startled I opened my mouth but the stranger cut me off “Hello Mr. Norwalk my name is Alodino and I will be your guide here.” I stared at him for a minute he had a goofy smile on his face I finally offered an answer “Ok name’s Edward Norwalk, so where do we start looking?” Alodino still not opening his eyes answered, “Now now Mr. Norwalk there is no need to be so hasty you should relax.” I sighed “Look I’m sorta busy so can we just get started?” After about an hour I asked about a building in town he answered rather enthusiastically “Ah yes the casino I frequent it actually I just can’t resist a good gamble!” Alodino then dragged me to the other side of Havana when an explosion went off I rushed in the direction of it and found myself in front a destroyed casino. Alodino showed up a few minutes later looking dizzy then ran off to vomit. After he left I looked around the rubble and saw a a silver pistol I decided to put it in my pocket. Alodino came back still looking shaken up but it was clear he had regained his composure. We went to the hotel to rest after it got dark I went up to the room and looked out of the window at the moon was full and brightly shining I remember it so clearly because at the exact same time I felt a bullet tear through my right shoulder. I spun around to see my attacker but before I got a good look I fell down from the pain I looked up to see a man in a purple suit laughing. I spoke “so you were working for Aloisio the whole time eh?” Alodino let out another laugh “I must really be good at this if you don’t even know what I look like don’t ya think!?” I stared at him in shock I couldn’t believe I let my guard down this explains how he knew who when I stepped off the plane I was to freaked out to say anything so I just went with it. He pointed the gun at me and told me to slide over my gun. I pulled the magnum out of my pocket and slid it across to him. “So with that any last words?” I got a crazy idea “Actually I have a proposition for you.” He told me to spit it out. “it’s simple I flip this coin if you win you get a clean slate but lose and I go free so what do you say?” He laughed again “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” But I wasn’t done yet “Well I guess not you would most likely lose anyway.” I swear I heard him growl before he spoke “Fine I call heads now throw the coin!” I pulled out my lucky coin and tossed it in the air Aloisio looked up at the coin I pulled out the gun from the casino and fired. The bullet hit him in the chest he looked back down at me and dropped stumbled forward stopping himself by the window he turned around “Where did you get that!?” I smiled and explained that I picked up the gun from the rubble. He screamed and crashed through the window. I sat down on the bed I got my phone out and called headquarters to report, “This is agent Norwalk, Aloisio is dead.”

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