Mexican reoltion

April 10, 2012
There's a kid sitting by me on the bench in Mexico. He does not look rich but he doesn't look poor. He is not that normal because no one is normal. The boy has red curly hair that is on the long side, but he doesn't think so. The red headed boy is a talker but he has a distinct voice. He has a manly and squeaky voice and it travels a long ways because it is not quiet. This red headed boy had a dream and that dream was he wanted to be a professional snowboarder. Right now he is just a sophmore in high school and is struggling with his grade and his family member is dying and it is showing in his facial expression. The kid walk down the street almost with a hop in his steps were he was looking all around and like he scared he might be jumped or that he is running from the law then all sudden the red headed kid was surrounded by Mexican soldiers and was beat terribly and as the red headed kid laid on the sidewalk just torn down you could tell he wasn't going to let a beating bring him down that much and as the kid was put in the stretcher he smiles at the paramedic who makes a humorous joke but this redheaded kid has blood all over his face and all over his clothes but that one smile lifted that hole area just in that one smile and as the boy goes to the boy is helped for his pain and his yellow sweatshirt is cut from stab wound and punches to and as he is taken to the hospital he is checked in with no fear and is stitched up with no pain.The red headed boy calls his dad's last divorced wife which he thinks is the coolest person in the and he telling his old mom the story and he gets that smile back and he was happy laying in his bed talking his 3rd mom and you can tell she is concerned for her old child and that is all that kid wants till it was interrupted by the kids stab wound started bleeding profusely and as the doctors rush in he says bye to his mom and the blood just keeps gushing and they rush him to the surgery room where they discovered that his liver kidney took a direct hit and was making the red headed kid bleed internally and out thru his wound. after the 6 hour surgery the boy woke up and look at his new stitches that he got from them cutting him open bigger to be able to see in and the boy was shocked that he just escaped death. . As the days past the kid got better and better and was soon sent home with a big scar watching him all the time in case the soldier came back. At school the boy showed all of his friends his battle scars and pictures from the hospital and it looked like things were back to normal for that little kid Sept for his scares. The kid kept getting better and healing and he saw one of the of the Mexican soldiers and it brought horrible flashbacks for the kid. The next day the red headed kid showed up not with a smile but the bitter hatred in his eyes and all of his friends new but the redhead just shrugged his friends of and he went to his first period class. His second period came around and his mood didn't change he even had more hatred in his eyes and every one was knowing by this time. Lunch came around and the red headed kid left the school alone and went to were he got mugged and waited about ten minutes waiting for one of the Mexican soldiers to come out but none of them did then that soldier he saw from the day before. The red headed boy went up to the soldier and forgave him. The Mexican soldiers agreed with Díaz Mexican soldiers didn't like that so they beat a lot of Mexican and the Mexican made a army in retaliation. The revolution was finally ended in 1910.

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