With out a doubt

April 10, 2012
My mother is making beans and rice, we eat this every morning, and every night. We have no money for food, since my father was taken away. My mother says I shouldn’t complain but it’s hard when I’m only 10 years old and my mom expects me to be the man of the house. I feel to young to grow up, I go to school and see other kids that have families, and they are able to live their childhood. Sometimes I wish I could escape this and not have to deal with the fact that Batista put my father in jail because he spoke out against the government. Batista’s rule is if any Cubans speak out against the government then they are put in jail! It’s not fair. Nor should my family have to deal with this. Its hard not knowing when my father will be out of jail. I will fight with Batista and continue to push through my struggles, and try to succeed my goals that I have wanted to accomplish for some time now. Even though, I have no one to look up to I still look up to who I am today and I want to be when I am older. I don’t want to be like my father, yes, I do not like the situation Batista is putting my family and many other family’s too. One of my goals is to try to show the world that we aren’t just controlled by Batista, and the laws he puts down! I want to show them that we all have a freedom of speech. This means in order to accomplish this goal I will have to go through the government and everyone who defends Batista and his laws. My other goal is to prove everyone is able to work and have health care, and is provided with what they need other then what Batista says they need to succeed in or whatever will satisfy them. But, the question is why would I do this why would I put my foot down and be the only citizen here to stand up to Batista, Why? Because I will be helping others and knowing that families are happy and not struggling as much this is why the “Freedom of Speech” comes into play, so much when people talk to each other. My second goal is to show my father I care about my family and family means a lot to me its not just a word. Before he left he was controlling my mother a lot and saying harsh things to her that did some damage to the family. She has been put through a lot, especially with my father, he doesn’t ever give her a break. He kept pushing her away but he wouldn’t let her go. The only thing that was keeping her with him was my younger sister and brother. But then once Batista stepped in and took my father to jail my mother has terribly missed him and has been struggling. My mother doesn’t know about the goals I want to accomplish, and the things I want to do to Batista for what he has done to families like ours. I would like to be the first in my family to show that there is a way of succeeding in life, and I want my little brother and sister to have people to look up to, other than my dad cause he’s obviously not the best person to look up too. My home is going to be not ruined and my mother can wake up happily, and we won’t be eating the same thing every morning and every night. I hope to make my family happy and make other family’s smile and have a good life. I want to do this because if another boy my age grew up for awhile with out his dad for the same reason it would be sad, I want to prevent that from happening. Every day, every morning, every night I wake up and I have no father standing in the kitchen, or to wake up to anymore. I stand there and look at my mother while she cooks us beans like usual. My mother looked sad, I asked her why she always looks so upset she said, “What do you mean son?” I said, “Well, because mama its hard to look at you, since father has been gone I haven’t been able to see the real you.” My mother looked at me as if she was shocked to be hearing this from me and for her to now know that I do realize what our family is going through and has been going through. Mama said silently as she stirred the beans, “You are one bright young boy, and ever since your father has left, you have became stronger, me on the other hand I have became… weak.” I looked at my mother and thought to myself, wow it took this much for my mother to realize she’s had enough. I said, Mama, I appreciate you.

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