Cuban Nuclear Program

April 10, 2012
By Anonymous

The New Year had just rung in, the people were cheering, a new year meant new change for everyone. The people were thrilled, because the New Year marked the coming to power of their new leader, Fidel Castro. With this new leader, the Cuban people could finally move on, and leave their bad past behind them… or would they?
The people decided to throw a party to celebrate the new leader; they partied all day and all night for almost a week. Some party goers were more party animals than the others. Several people had too much to drink and made fools of themselves in the streets, causing them to be arrested. Little did anyone know that when these people were arrested, they were not taken to jail; instead they were taken to Fidel Castro’s secret nuclear weapons manufacturing facility for slave labor.
Fidel Castro knew that he could not simply hire nuclear scientists to work on his nuclear weapons, for that would draw the spying eye of the United States, a risk which he could not afford to take. The captured intoxicated ‘workers’ were given laptop computers, and told to research nuclear weapon construction methods. The workers did not want to comply, with fear of how this weapon might be used, but they were threatened that they and their families would be killed if they did not comply.
The thought of how this weapon would be used was a scary thought to bear, but the thought of their wives and children being pulled from their homes, treated like animals, tortured and likely killed a slow and painful death was enough to drive a sane man mad. The workers grimly complied with the demands of their captures.
Their research yielded some results, which were disturbingly simple. All that they required were some radioactive metal, a high velocity explosive detonation charge and a dispersion mechanism. The disturbing reality was becoming clear to all involved, this was more than a dream, and this was a horrendous possibility. They could be building a device to wipe a country off of the map, or even start a world war!
As time progressed, and the work continued, the conditions for the workers got worse and worse. Eventually it got so bad that several of the men working got ill, two of them died where they slept. The facility was filthy, rats ran rampant in the complex, and a layer of grime coated everything. The furnace room was coated in a thick layer of black soot, and the whole facility was laden with radioactive particles as indicated by the Geiger counter.
The device was nearly complete, only a few parts needed to be fabricated and installed, however the lead engineer was feeling too ill to work. The deadline for completion was fast approaching and the project was not done. The remaining workers decided that to avoid angering the guards, they would attempt to finish on their own, without their leader. The crew managed to finish assembling the device just 6 hours before the deadline.
After their work was done, the crew cleaned themselves up and went to enjoy some much needed sleep. Early the next morning, they were woken up and instructed to load the device onto a plane. They were told that this was a ‘test’ of the unit; the workers were terrified of what this device could do. They never planned on seeing it used as anything more than a scare tactic. The plane’s engines turned over and revved to full throttle, the pilot lined himself up with the runway and was about to takeoff; when suddenly a swarm of fighter jets came over the horizon, guns blazing, spitting hot lead in all directions. The crew dodged and ducked for cover from the bullets. The airplane carrying the nuclear device was shot multiple times, killing the engines and rendering takeoff impossible.
A large US Military plane now came in for a safe landing; troops marched out the back of the aircraft as soon as it came to a stop. A group of soldiers created a perimeter around the facility while the United States’ best bomb defusing technician inspected the device. He concluded that it was harmless, because the ‘radioactive’ metal they used was actually just a block of aluminum.
A large investigation was launched into the incident, and it was learned that Fidel Castro’s plan was to invade all of North and South America, in order to enslave the people who live there. He was arrested and charged for the crimes he had committed and those he had planned to commit. The world was once again able to sleep easy at night.

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