The day I turned on Batista!

April 10, 2012
By morgyn rios BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
morgyn rios BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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The day Batista found out that I was not on his side about Cuba was the most scariest day of my life. It was a hot from the summer sun. it was July 28,1953. he was having a big meeting with some of the US government. He was discussing the elections that were going to happen in the next few weeks, and that a man named Fidel Castro was running agenst him. The government was discussing how to keep Batista in power. They didn’t want anyone else to run in the elections and win, then rule Cuba. They were willing to do anything to keep batista in power. The US government was willing to do anything to make sure he loses, they would even throw him in jail. i thought that batista has gotten more bitter and mean to the people of Cuba in the past few years. I was starting to think of what I could do to stop batista before he got way outta hand. I was willing to have Castro over power him and have a new person run Cuba. While I was off in my mind the US government and Batista got hungry so they had me go and fetch them some food. They sent me to go get food so they didn’t have to end the discussing how to run Castro right out of the elections.Instead of going to the normal place for food I ran as fast as my little legs would let me in the summer sun all the way to the town square to find this little restaurant that Castro loves eating at. I ran to warn him about the plans for him that were made by the US and Batista. As running through the town square I see Castro eating with a small group of people.
out of breath I slowly, calmly walk to Castro's’ table. Castro looked so happy and he looked like he could be a natural leader. I start to walk closer and closer to his table and when some of his guests look in my direction the happy smiles of their faces were gone. The laughing went completely silent, like I was a bad person that was coming to tell them the worst news ever. Castro turns around to see why his guests were not smiling and laughing.. His face turns cold and he stands up and starts walking towards me.. My breathing starts to become uneven, thoughts run through my head like
“ Is this the right thing to do?, Batista has been in power so long maybe a new person would really ruin everything...”
Castro walks right by me as I was opening my mouth to spill my guts out to him..I turn to see who he was talking to instead of me. I turn around to see castro talking to batista. I quickly ran to the counter to order food like I supposed to do in the first place. I write down what the US and Batista are planning on doing to Castro at the elections on a napkin. Hoping that the note will get to Castro later after I leave.. I pick up the food, as I am walking past Castro’s table and I pretend that I need to tie my shoe. I make eye contact with a young girl that was sitting next to castro. I show her that I have a note for Castro that had big bold letters ‘ IMPORTANT’ on the front of it. she nods her head and she looks back up at her friends and start whispering. I get up to leave and pass castro and batista saying good day to each other in a polite way.
Batista starts walking alongside me staring down at me with his intense eyes filled with curiosity and anger. He tries to bring up a conversation. He starts talking in a calm quiet voice about when he started to notice that I was not agreeing with his thoughts of what he should do with Cuba. He finally said that he saw me drop the paper thing and me making eye contact with the young girl at Castro’s table.He said that he saw the girl pick up the note and look at castro. He asked what I had wrote on the note to the girl. I told him that I thought she was pretty and that I wanted her to meet my little brother. so I put my name and number on it and told her to call me. He said ok and we walked silently to his office. As we were walking up the stairs he said he could carry the food inside and he ran past me. Something felt wrong and I slowly walked to the door.. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. I see one of the US officers holding Batista down, and another guy with a gun pointed at me. My heart stopped.

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