April 10, 2012
By dfennell27 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
dfennell27 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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My name is Pedro Valasquez, I’m seventeen years old and it’s the middle of the Cuban revolution. I’m tired of the old laws and restrictions. I want to be “Free” I was born when Fulgencio had begun his reign. I never really got to learn about him because we were too poor to have me schooled. I only have heard the terrible things about him, But he was in the military and is now the “Dictator” I’m not sure what that meant either but i know he was our leader and what he said goes. I had never really seen him only on posters around town. Sometimes I would like to ask him why he wants us to live like this? There is sickness, Disease and poverty everywhere you go. I had my father’s looks and my mother’s eyes. Light brown eyes and i was pretty tall probably 6’1, Taller than any of my friends. I’m always told I need to play basketball but I’m not into sports. I constantly stay up at night and read books about “America” I don’t know where that is but there are rumors they are helping Batista in his reign of terror. I was walking down the street one day and seen a man preaching in the town square. His name was Fidel Castro, It sounded like he wanted to take Batista’s place as the leader. He told us he promised Education, Land and food. I liked the sound of what he was trying to accomplish as leader. It was my birthday and we had a party for a couple hours and everyone returned Home. I walked over to where Castro usually preached and I told him I wanted to help. He looked dumbfounded because I was only eighteen and wanted to join his guerilla force. He said he would talk to everyone about it. We got into his truck and drove to wherever their hideout was. On the way there he explained he had never taken in an outsider before and it was very dangerous if I were to join. I new the risks and requirements and sacrifices I had to make. I was prepared to give my life for my country, people and family. We arrived at an old house with several cars parked out front. We pulled in and got out to be greeted by two men armed with rifles. We walked past them into the house where there were several other men and some women, I did not say anything or look at anybody. We walked downstairs to a group of men talking about war plans for the final fight. Castro greeted them and began talking to them about me joining. I assumed it was going well because of the laughter but did not eavesdrop. Castro came back out and told me I could join, I was excited and thrilled. Castro called a meeting weeks later. It was about our final assault on Batista after weeks of fighting his men. We both had hundreds of men ready to die on their mark. What we had was courage and bravery his soldiers were confused and heartless. We rode back into town in the backs of trucks weapons in hand. We arrived at his Villa and began unloading in front of the large gates to his home. We were not noticed, our explosives expert began preparing a homemade bomb. I patrolled the walls of his huge house, I heard a crack in the distant forest I ran and hid behind a rock, I lightly whistled for backup and four other men ran over. There were two of his scouts coming back, they hadn’t noticed our trucks yet, we had to get rid of them. I stood up without my rifle so I would pose no threat and ran at them screaming “Help” They turned to me and two of my men came up and took care of them. The bomb was done, I propped it up against the gate and blew it open. Bullets were whizzing all over and I quickly ran for cover. We were fighting for about an hour before they retreated due to heavy loss. We charged in killing several men. I ran upstairs and kicked open Batista’s door and was shot several times all over my body. Castro ran to me, everything in a haze and slowed, I grabbed my sidearm and stood up. It was me, Batista and two of his guards, I shot both of them quickly. I dropped my side arm and pulled out my custom made bowie knife. Batista fired at me and I quickly dove out of the way. I charged at him and he was rapidly firing at me I was not paying attention to how many times I had been shot I tackled him, I drove my knife straight into his chest, I rolled off of him and looked up to see the pasty white ceiling fade to black. I knew it was over. I could die knowing my family was safe.

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