April 10, 2012
It’s march of 1980 and there is a lot of violence going on between the Salvadoran Military and the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front(FMLN). The door opens and a tall stalky man walks in the room. He has dark brown hair that just goes down to his ears, he has tan skin which is like a light brown. “Hello my name is Miguel” as he introduced himself to the Archbishop.

“Hello its nice to meet you. What are you doing here?” Archbishop Romero asked. He has a white robe that hangs down to his feet.

“I came because, I would like to be your new assistant. If you don’t already have one...” Miguel asked

“Oh well I am not sure that I even need an assistant...” said Oscar with a surprised look on his face he was wondering why he would even want to be his assistant? Did he want to help me stop the US’ help of of military aid to El Salvador’s government? Oscar was wondering all these things and then he heard..

“Are you alright?” asked Miguel

“Yes I am fine, so.. why do you want to be my assistant?” Romero was anxious to find out the answer

“I want to be your assistant because, I know that you are against the way the government is doing things and I want to help you stop them.”

“Oh.. You can be assistant but I have to warn you it is dangerous out there..”

“I know it is, but I don’t care”

“Ok, I can see that you are not afraid of anything and that is good now I have to go to to mass.. so I will see you later...”

“I am going to mass too, so I will see you there” he said with a grin on his face.

Then Oscar walked towards the door and opened it and pointed his arm to signal Miguel to go outside. “Thank you” said Miguel

“You're welcome” said Oscar graciously. Miguel and Oscar started walking towards the church. Miguel stops to look around, he bends over and slides his hand over the ground all his hand picks up is dirt and brown gravel. He then lifts himself back up and looks around the town and how none of the windows on any of the houses are open they are all closed. He starts walking again and a couple of minutes later he gets to the church, he walks up the stairs and gets to the door. He then opens the door slowly that he does not disrupt the mass that is going on, he slowly close the door then walks in and sits down at the back of the church.

He looks up and sees that Archbishop Romero is at the end of the Holy communion, in which he picks up the glass. Miguel hears a gunshot and the Archbishop dropped to the ground. Miguel gets up and sprints to the Archbishop, he lifts him up to see where he is wounded, but before he could find where he was wounded the Archbishop spoke to him and said “Find out who did this and get them!!” said Archbishop Romero with his last dying breath, as he starts to cough up his blood and before Miguel could reply he was dead. Miguel looks at him and see that he has a gunshot wound to the chest. He lifts himself up and looks around to see if he could find the person who did this, as he went to crouch back down out of the corner of his eye he saw a man walking out of the church like he needed to be somewhere. All Miguel could think about was what he looked like. He tried to remember his features like that he was very tan, like as if he had sat in the sun for hours on end, he was tall enough that he could almost touch the tip of the door.

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