Father's Deceit

April 10, 2012
“Time for dinner.” called Elizabeth to her two children listening to the radio in the living room.
They both eagerly rushed to the table, anticipating her mother’s delicious cooking. She laid their dinners out before them on the large table that acted as the centerpiece for the room, and immediately it was set upon such as a starving dog would a bone.

“Where is father?” asked one of the children in between mouthfuls, “He's never late.”.

“Your father will be here soon, he probably is on his way home now, you know how busy governmental business is.” answered Elizabeth looking at the elder of her two children as the last words spilled from her mouth.

Her eldest son, Christopher, was highly interested in governmental business, studying book after book that contained any political information, hoping one day to become a governmental official himself who could work under Castro. A loud knock interrupted their meals, startling all of them.

“Ah, that must be him now.” said Elizabeth smiling.

She walked over to the door, preparing to greet her husband home from a long day’s work. The smile on her face turned into horror and a high pitched scream as she opened the door. Her husband lay on the ground, bleeding from several bullet holes in his upper back. The kids immediately came over, but soon were stricken with the same expression that claimed their mother. Three soldiers stood behind the dead body, armed with rifles which still smoked from shooting rounds.

“This man belongs to you correct? He was suspected of treason against Fidel Castro and plotting with revolutionaries, the punishment being what lays before you”. announced the middle soldier.

“He would never do such a thing!” screamed Elizabeth, “He loves this government and even works as a General in our Fidel’s army!”.

“We do not question orders ma’am, we were given the order to have this man dead by this night, so we followed them.” said the left soldier.

“Let this be a lesson to all of you who have any thoughts of betraying Cuba.” said the middle soldier again as all three of the men turned and left.

Elizabeth broke into tears, falling to the ground. Christopher dragged his father’s limp body indoors and quickly slammed the door shut. The children were just as sad as their mother, but still they tried to comfort her and each other. Why would they execute one of Castro’s most trustworthy general they all wondered as they lay there mourning their father.
Over the next several months, Christopher, who already had a passion for governmental affairs, took it upon himself to study the events that led up to his father’s death. He came across the most shocking information about his father one day while investigating his study. Through the many books his father owned, plus a few that were cleverly hidden, he learned that his father was actually a secret revolutionary as well as all the atrocities that his father was trying to stop. Each document he read detailed new crimes, arrests, murders and exiles, all ordered by Fidel Castro that supported his father's view. He took it upon himself that day to continue his father's work.
Christopher ran away from his home the following night to join the revolution. He did not leave a note, nor any other sign of where he went, lest his family become in danger. The documents his father kept were taken and now provided the child with exact locations of the revolutionary member hideouts. There was only one location within a reasonable distance, a small camp some miles outside the town.
It was well past midnight when he arrived at the supposed location. It was hidden deep in the forest with foliage so dense, walking became one of the most difficult things. There was only one problem, there was no buildings, no tents, no people, all the things that he suspected of a secret rebel camp. He was sure that this was the location though. Suddenly cold metal pressed against his head and he was thrown to the ground. He looked up and saw a dozen or so men armed with rifles and ragged uniforms standing above him. He had found what he was looking for.
He was quickly accepted into the ranks of the rebels after they learned who his father was. Apparently he was one of the leaders of this entire organization and his death only invoked even greater anger from the rebels towards Castro. Christopher wasn’t appointed as a military leader, having no experience of any kind outside textbooks, but rather as a learner who could one day fill his father’s spot. He seemed to be a natural when it came to military tactics though, always offering his advice, and on more than one occasion, causing rebels to win the battle and saving dozens of lives. He started a new life here, and with any luck, he hoped he could become a major part in the downfall of Castro and later helping to rebuild this country.

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