April 10, 2012
By Me Hall BRONZE, Rosewood, Pennsylvania
Me Hall BRONZE, Rosewood, Pennsylvania
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“Giving our hearts and glory to god, our almighty savior is our one true fate.” I prayed as the crowd all around me gazed in confusion. “What is he doing? Doesn’t he know there is a time and place for that?” A woman scowled towards Solomon. As he looked around he noticed all eyes were on him and it wasn’t in a delightful manner either. Solomon felt as if he were in the center of a witch trial waiting to be executed, he was all alone in a room full of people. But, he was determined to get his point across. Solomon wasn’t used to the scrutiny and cynical approach the people took of this town, he was used to a proper regime with rules, respect and being polite as he was raised. As he stood up from praying an older gentleman approached him.

“Solomon, if you will come forth to me please.” The older gentleman requested. I did as he asked politely, “Yes, sir?” The man looked Solomon up and down in question, he couldn’t read him or understand what drives him to remain loyal to God as if he has personally seen or met him. “Why Solomon; What purpose does it serve to pray in front of an entire town and try to convert people into something that we simply do not believe?” he questioned. Solomon was puzzled and hurt by this question but he responded respectfully, “ It is the way of my people, before I was sent here everything was left for God to decide and I plan to continue having faith in him.” The old man scratched his beard and gave Solomon a nod and continued his way.

Solomon often felt alone, there was no one to confide in; no one to support him across this path that he has been destined to take, it’s very cold and lonely at the bottom Solomon thought to himself. However he would not allow this to stop him he was determined to live in this new town with his same traditions and beliefs. “God, I know you had reasons for this, I won’t let you down.” He said to himself as he journeyed to one of the town’s stores. As he walked in the children of the town stared as their parents pulled them tight into their embrace, the men scoffed and snorted and the women held their chin to him. Solomon walked up to the counter placed his money on top of it and requested a stamp, an envelope and the schedule of the mail run.
The store’s clerk reluctantly responded to his request and quickly turned away to tend to her other duties after she was finished with his request. Solomon took his items and went to a small table off the town’s square and began to write a letter. “Dear Father, I hope all is well… I know it was in my best interest to come to this town to grow into a man as I am turning 18 soon… but, with each growing day it grows harder… I have no friends, no family, nothing…It’s hard to fake a smile in a town of frowns and closed hearts…the odds are against me, I know you’re going to say it is in the Lord’s will to fulfill my duties here but, I don’t know how much more I can take…I am probably almost sure what your response will be to this, however this is the only form of release I have…So do not look to this as weakness, but look with an open mind and heart…. Solomon” he placed the seal on and walked back for it to be sent off.

Solomon felt as if he had given up which really bothered him. Deep down he knew he could do this but mentally it grew to be difficult for him. “Lord please; give me the strength to carry on. I know one day you will forgive these people for their decisions. But, without your help I cannot help convince these people of their wrong doing. I am in need of your aide. “As if in a blink of an eye he felt a drop of rain fall on his neck he looked up to notice it was raining. It was a long walk home, but he had to travel it but to his surprise an umbrella suddenly appeared above him. He looked and to his surprise it was the older gentleman again. “Can’t have you getting all wet now can we? Let’s head home, I’ll walk you there young Solomon.” And for once since on his journey Solomon feels as if he has finally found hope.

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