cuban revolution

April 10, 2012
By suzuki275056793 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
suzuki275056793 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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The sight of a dimpled in primer of a 30-06 round on the ground as Castro is hiding behind a hill while his army is getting slaughtered on the other side of that small dirt hill. He hears "clack, clack, clack" over and over, and the faint sound of mortars getting shot off in the distance. Thinking about what he is going to do, only armed with a colt model 1911 .45 caliber with a seven round clip. Castro, scared looks to his right and see's one of his soldiers on a .50 caliber machine gun with empty shells being flung out faster than he could count, he gets a sign of relief. But that relief is once taken away by .338 sniper round moving at more than 2400 feet per second. Now Castro laying there all alone he finally hears the halt of machine guns and mortars, but then is jumped by multiple soldiers with guns pointed at his head. He is questioned then taken captive by the soldiers. While they walk him to the military trucks it's like everything is in slow mo for him. He sees his soldiers laying on the ground with blood pouring out like water coming out of a facet. So many empty shells laying on the ground it sounds like you're walking on broken glass. Knowing that he could hit the two soldiers holding him and pull out the smith & Wesson .38 special in his waist band. But then realizes that is suicide. Finally loaded in the military truck as they drive away knowing it is the last time he will see all his soldiers. On that long truck ride Castro had lots of time to think about all the things he should have done different and regretting going in to that battle. Then he started thinking about how he was being a cowered just sitting behind that hill the whole time. Wondering what these soldiers are going to do to him. One of the smaller soldiers that goes by the name of Phillip was sitting as far away from Castro as he could. He was scared and did not agree with taking Castro captive. He feared Castro because of past experiences with him. But this fear was not normal fear, It was fear of Castro controlling him. They sat there like nothing had happened, never making eye contact. Inside they both knew something that no one else knew. It was a plan, a plan that either would work and they would exceed or be shear suicide. Phillip, maybe small on the outside but strong and forceful on the inside. He was a mastermind and was trusted by the soldiers, Phillip had all the resources he could possibly need. Phillip was the one that had patted Castro down when they took him captive. The other soldiers did not know anything of this "plan". One of the other soldiers that goes by the name of Frederick struck a conversation with Castro about why he started a battle like he did. Castro did not listen to anything that the soldier was saying. None of the soldiers had noticed that pistol that Phillip had put in Castro's pocket while patting him down. Phillip and Castro made eye contact and in each other's mind new that it was still a go. Phillip was holding his 7.62x56 fully auto machine gun in his hands. While he lifted and shot 3 of the soldiers Castro had pulled the pistol out of his pocket and shot the 3 remaining soldiers. Phillip noticed he was bleeding from his chest. There were only six soldiers in that truck and Phillip was one of them. Castro fled the truck and disappeared to the hills.

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece about catsro and the cuban revolution

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