The Cuban Revolution

April 10, 2012
By Vde_luca29 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
Vde_luca29 BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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It’s 1953 and the word about this new Castro guy trying to take over is spreading. No one knows this
Fidel Castro, we only know him because everyone was talking about him. He had just attempted to
attack a military installation in Santiago de Cuba and was jailed. Up until this point in time this country
had been relatively stable under Batistas’ rule, even though it wasn’t pleasant at times I still loved it.
Things once again started to cool down after the capture of Castro, everybody thought it was just a man
with wild dreams. I thought that since this guy had tried once he would try again, I became worried
about what would happen to Cuba if he took over. I went down to the local library and started
researching, what I found out was that our current government in Cuba had overthrown the previous
government. So I forgot about about the whole thing involving Castro, until one day I was flipping
through the channels and I saw breaking news Castro had been released. I had a sneaky suspicion that
Castro was planning a second attack on Cuba. Years later I heard that Castro had fled to Mexico and was
beginning to gain popularity in Cuba. And then in 1956 I heard that Castro was back from Mexico with
many followers. After a failed second attempt to overthrow batistas’ government . Many of his soldiers
lie dead on the beach, after many hours of extensive searching the military came on TV and said that
they could not find Castro anywhere he had escaped. Castro again had vanished, everyone thought that
somehow Castros' boat had sank off the coast of Cuba but no one knew for sure. The military had done
an extensive search on that part of the island and the surrounding area where he had landed and found
nothing. Time went by and nothing further happened with Castro, my parents got a job in the sugar
fields but since they were in another town we had to move, this new town had a whole bunch of
supporters of Castro. All the kids that I went to school with thought that it would be a great thing to
have a change in government. I just ignored them and once they got a whiff of my idea that I didn’t want
change in the government they started to harass me. One day a bully followed me home because I told
him that weekend I would buy flags that support Castro. I finally stopped to ask him why he was
following me. “I wanna see proof” I asked of what, he said he wants to see the flags(pro Castro flags), my
brain rushed to find the answers. I finally came up with one, oh the flags I said jokingly uh my parents
told me not to display them in fear of our house being vandalized. The word that Castro was still alive in
the mountains had gotten back to my new town. I started to understand more and more about what
Castro was trying to do he wanted to help Cuba, not hurt us so I jumped on his train I kept that flag
outside my house and became a bully also to those who did not want Castro as dictator. A week later I
had found out that Batista the current leader had stepped down and Castro and his posse had taken
over Havana(the capital). A few weeks later I seen giant ships off shore there had to be 10 that I could
see maybe more that I couldn’t see, then a whole bunch of military vehicles appeared out of nowhere.
Armed men got out and asked me to please leave or else they be forced to shoot me so I took off
running back towards my house. I was trying to figure out what I had seen, then I remember seeing a
flag, it had a sickle a hammer and a star. I decided to ask my father who the flag represented he
said “the Soviet Union”, I wondered what soviet ships had been doing off the coast later I found out
Castro had made an alliance with the Soviet union to put nuclear missiles in Cuba. In fear of what was
going to happen. my parents shipped me to America with me kicking and screaming like a child. I ended
up staying in America for a couple of years but my heart was still in Cuba, I learned that Americans
cannot go to Cuba. My parents sugar plant had shut down and they hadn’t worked for months. I wrote
and said that if I could come back I would, so whenever I got a chance I did. My parents were furious
with me but I didn’t care all that I wanted was to be able to be with my family and help support them
and most of all to try to overthrow Castro.

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