lost in communism

April 10, 2012
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In a forest cast out of time, in a realm untouched by time or by machinery. Was a huge village with large logs set side by side as walls. Inside these walls off a main street of the city is an ally. In this ally lived a very poor family. This family was very different. There were no parents or adults. just for children; Rix, the “father”, Niji the “mother”, Sheenz the younger boy, and Ini the baby girl. Rix was a very adventurous young elf. He was a taller and stronger than all the other kids in his age class. Most of the time you could either find him out attempting to hone his hunting skills. every now and then he would bring back a dikeir; which was like a small white tailed deer. So proud of himself when he killed one he would bring it home cook it up eat it, then take the pelt down to the hunting gild and attempt to show it off to all the other hunters, who gave him some praise but then would tell him its not that impressive. after this depressing let down he would go home and lay in bed for a couple days, and then go right back to it. He did this year, after year, after year. a very boring routine he would occasionally go down into the sewers and train himself in the way of the bow and dual swords. people started to look down on rix and his family. this tended to aggravated rix. not many people would get aggravated in this little town; except for rix of course. every now and then rix would get a crazy idea in his head about all of this being s dream. But what rix didn’t know is that he couldn’t get more right. Rix eventually decided to take what he deserved. by that he meant he was playing “robin hood”. Rix was caught and put in a prison. He studied the prison for years until he found an escape route. he started to gather rebels to overthrow the communist government. he broke out of the jail and quickly used his skills he learned as a boy to fight his way to the town square where he got ahold of the mayor. he then forced the mayor to his knees and had another rebel slit his throat. once the mayor died he fell to his back and kept falling out of that world and back into the real world he fell right back into his body. Ricardo awoke screaming at the top of his lungs. he looked around and did not recognize anybody.except for what looked like his old family just older. the people around him where his real family. “niji” who was really Niarly fell on him crying “Ricardo we missed you so...”. then it hit him he was ricardo, Niarly was his wife and he was finally awake. Niarly announced to him “Ricardo, i have some great news fidel castro won and took over the government. The Government is finally in the communists favor”. Ricardo sat up shocked, staring at Niary astonished. he layed back down and started to say “this is horrible, this is bad news”. he covered his face as Niary looked at him saying “ What baby this is what we have been fighting so hard for”. Ricardo looked at her as he quickly remembered what happened to him and said communism is not as good as it sounds Niary. we are leaving to america. we can't stay here fidele will become an even a worst dictator than batista.

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