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April 10, 2012
By RealChaseAtkinson BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
RealChaseAtkinson BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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My name is Chase Nosnikta I am 10 year old boy that lives in Cuba. I am in the fifth grade and love going to school. School is the one place where I can get away from everything that goes on at home. It seems like all the older people around me are always angry and I dont know why. The town I live in is very big. The buildings are very tall with lots of windows. The weather is usually always nice except for a little rain here and there. It seems like there are always people around these buildings and there are always so many cars. When you are near the building and all the people there is a sound that is always the same. The sound of car horns, trains, people yelling and it even seems like the smog from all the cars makes a noise.

When I get home from school everyday I try to be with my siblings rather than being around my angered parents. I have two brothers one is Chadwick and the other is Taylor. Chadwick is 18 and Taylor is 22. They make me happier than anyone else because they can relate to how I feel. People say we all look exactly alike but I don’t see it at all. We all have brown hair and aren’t very tall. We are all athletic and very social. We tend to have long talks everyday about why our parents are always so angry. It never seemed like they were this mad when we were younger. My dad works in one of the big buildings as a janitor and my mom is a secretary. My parents were always talking about how they are always being treated wrong by the government and blaming pointless things on it. I know more than most of the other kids around me but not enough to argue about it. To me what is going on around me is that Batista cheated his way into being a president and nobody wanted him in the first place. I don’t know why people dont like him he seems like a nice guy to me. The other person I know is Castro I think he was a runner up to Castro and probably would have won in the elections if it were fair.

Now that Batista is in power no one seems to get along. Everyone talks about how much better we would be living if Castro was in power and why they can’t do anything about it. One day my parents said we were going to see someone give a speech. I didnt have a clue who it was or what they were going to talk about. We had to drive around 10 miles just to the outside of town where there was a small building with a balcony and a sea of people in front of it. We parked the car and began to walk towards all the people. I realized when we started to get closer that Castro was giving the speech. There were people all around arguing about the differences between Castro and Batista. The speech was about 45 minutes and I barely understood anything. On the drive home my parents fantasized over Castro and how much different everything would be if he was in power. Castro gave us hope that things would change and from that day on I understood the world I was living in and I supported Castro.

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