My Savior

April 10, 2012
By Suhyeon Lee BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
Suhyeon Lee BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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“A…Again?” My father asked, shocked.
“Yes. Sorry, dad.” I said.
“Sorry? You think that can cover you? It has been two years! You really need to find a job!” He shouted.
“I know. I’m trying.” I said.
“You’ve been to great school in America, and got great grades. What is the problem?” He asked.
“Maybe that’s the problem. That I graduated great school.” I said.
“What? How so?” He asked.
“You know, after the revolution, people don’t want to hire person who graduated great ‘American’ school.” I said.
“Then why did you graduate American university? Did you know it’ll make you hard to find a job?” he asked.
“Yes, I did. I’m sorry.” I said.
“What? You knew? And you still went to America? Why?” He asked, again.
“Because I wanted to see the great world! I wanted to experience more than anyone. I didn’t want to stuck in Cuba and live like you!” I shouted.
I shouldn’t have said that.
He left the café without a word.
I went back home and then my friend who lived in America called me.
“Hey! How is everything going on?” He asked.
“Fine. But I think I have to find a job real soon.” I answered.
“You didn’t find a job yet, huh? Oh, Right! Would you like to send me your graduation essay? The company I work for is looking for screen writer. I can put your resume for you. Are you interested in that?” He asked.
“I’m going to find a job in Cuba. But thanks for asking.” I said.
“You know, you really don’t have to live your whole life in Cuba. There are lots of opportunities in America.” He said.
“I know. I had grand time while I was there. But I can’t afford my trip to there. I should work here so my dad can retire. And you know I have grandmother. I have to help my dad taking care of her.” I said, sadly.
“Well, it’s okay. I’m glad you think about me. Call me again. Bye.” I hung up quickly.
Of course I wanted to go America again, but I couldn’t make my dad to afford my trip again.

Next day, I got part time job at a small bar near my apartment. I was not so excited about my job, but I was glad that I could earn some money to help my dad. The bar was better than I thought. Usually, my work was not so hard. I made drinks for customers, listen to them talking, say something to make them feel better, and clean up. And because it’s not a lot of work, I could write my book when I don’t have any customers. Writing was my major and because of my writing skill, I got accepted from American university.

One day, as always, I was trying to continue my novel and I was really concentrated in that, so I couldn’t see a customer coming in. After a while, when I stretched my neck, I saw an old man looking at me. I put my book down and tried to take an order.
“May I take your order, sir?” I asked.
“I’d like a dry martini, please.” He said.
“Okay. I’ll be right back.” I said.
When I came back, he was reading my note book. Even though I wanted to stop him, I couldn’t. He was laughing. No one has ever smiled or laughed while reading my story. All my teachers gave great grades to my essays, but I’ve never seen them really enjoying my stories.
“Here is your martini, sir.” I said. Put down the drink.
“Thank you. Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to read this.” He said.
“It’s okay. Enjoy your drink, sir.” I said.
After that day, the old man came everyday and always ordered dry martini. Not like other customers, he wanted to listen to me talking instead of him saying. And because he was great listener and seemed to understand me, we became good friends.

Three month later, I got a new job at a big restaurant. Even though the job had nothing to do with my major, I was quite pleased because I could earn more money. The restaurant was always crowded so I couldn’t continue my story. I worked hard every day, and one day I met the old man again. He was dressed up and every workers were looking at him. My colleague told me that he was the owner of that restaurant. I couldn’t believe that. He came closer to me.
“Good afternoon. How are you?” He asked.
“I’m fine, sir. And you?“ I said.
“I’m good. Can I talk to you in private?” He asked.
“Ah…Sure, sir.” I said.
We went to his room.
“I heard everything about you. And I want to support you to become a professional author. I’ll pay you to go to America again and you don’t have to worry about your family.” He said. I couldn’t say anything.

After two month, I was in America studying for masters degree. He is my life saver.

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