Cuban Revolution

April 10, 2012
This story you are about to read is about a man, who really is more like an ape but lives in the human world as we know it. His name is Liam Kendly and he lives in Cuba. Liam is a tall thin but very buff ape; he is very smart both with textbook things and living on his own in the streets. He has medium length orange fur and a long tail. He has a Mohawk but it is purple unlike his fur, he has long sharp vampire looking fangs but they don’t stick outside his mouth he has a long tough as well. He only wears a pair of tan cargo shorts, and some black combat boots he never has his laces tied though. Sometimes like in the winter he will wear a thin officer’s jacket that has patches of his favorite bands and his last name on it. He has only 3 fingers and 4 toes but his feet are like hands, he wear rings on all his fingers his favorite ring is a skull that is on his right hand’s pointer finger. He has scares all over his body from getting in fights, where his scares are no fur grows anymore. He has rough hands and has piercings all over his face and ears. He always carries a switch blade with him too. What Liam doesn’t know is that a revolution is about to take place in Cuba and even though he is okay with the way things are he is going to be caught in the middle of it all. Now Liam and his hole species live in the same area as humans and they live just like us but, they are only about 2 inches tall and hide from humans at all times. Liam lives under the bed of a poor family’s child. One day while Liam was out and about in Cuba he met up with some friends and they all went partying, they are nocturnal so they only hangout at night. While at the party things were going great and everyone was happy smoking cigars and dancing, but all of a sudden the Cuba police of this species pop in and start arresting people and hitting them brutally with bats. They were under the impression that it was a meeting to over throw the leader of Cuba. He managed to escape and make it home and he started thinking and soon realized that things were about to change and he had to pick a side. On one hand he likes things the way they are, he was able to do whatever and no one would really care and on the other he really liked to fight and the thought of everything being equal for once, well that made him smile. Liam awoke to loud sounds outside his shack, when he went to go check it out he was hit with a rock and blacked out. When he awoke he was tide down to a chair who knows where. Everything was foggy and he had blood all down his face and in his mouth. There before Liam was the leader of Cuba, he didn’t know what to say or what was happening. Then outta nowhere a man behind Liam shocked him with two poles that were attached to a car battery and Liam yelped with pain and rage. Once the shocked had stopped the leader of Cuba started to question Liam about where the next meetings were being held and how many were attending, but he didn’t know anything and they thought he was lying so they shocked him and again scream of pain and anger poured out of the build where he was being held. Then outta nowhere small rebel army caught wind of the screams and busted down the door. Led by Liam’s cousin Fidel, while they were all fighting the leader of Cuba managed to escape. While Fidel was untying Liam they started talking and Liam explain what he knew and Fidel apologized for unknowingly getting him involve but he said its okay and that he now wanted a part in it all. After they all went home Liam and his cousin started to talk and were deciding what to do next, when someone showed up and started talking about what they should do but they didn’t know who he was so they tied him down and started torturing him.

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