Good Old 1956

April 10, 2012
It was the after noon of a clear and cloudy November 1st. “Lindsey?” said Marvin “Yeah Marvin?” “Is No-shave November a real thing?” I was really hoping that she was going to say yes. “Yes, a lot of people participate in it. I personally don’t, but I think you should, it’s fun.” “Great, another reason to love November. I’m so glad that it’s November. I don’t have to shave, me and my family have a big thanksgiving feast, and 1956 is almost over! I hated this year, all farmers in town had to take a pay cut! And Batista might kill Castro before the year is even over.”

“I believe in Castro to come through in the end.” Said Lindsey. “Let me get your tray for you.” said the waitress. “Thank you.” Says both Lindsey and Marvin. “I’m sorry Lindsey, but I have to go, my mother is waiting. I promised her I would help her with the laundry.” “Oh, okay. I’ll just catch up with you later.” “Alright, bye!”

“Hi mother, I’m home! And there is something that I wanna’ talk to you about.” Said Marvin. “ Oh, well Marv, you got somethin’ in the mail this mornin’.” Said Marvin’s mother. “Would you like to open your mail first, or talk?” “Let’s talk first mama.” “Okay, here is what I wanna’ talk about: I really like Lindsey! I was sitting with her today, and I had a weird thought. She could die at any time, and she might never know how I feel.” “Well, honey. If you want her to know how much you feel, then all you have to do is tell her.” “It’s not that easy mama” “Oh, trust me honey, it really is. You will never know how she feels if you dont man up and tell her.” “ Your right mother, I’m gonna’ tell her! Now what is this letter all about mama?” “I don’ know, but it sure does look official. Go on, open it up!” I rip it open. “What in the world is this? It’s from Fidel Castro himself!” “Say what?” Said Marvins mom? “Yeah, he says that he has been scouting me for a while and that he wants me to join his small army. He wants me to sail with him and around 80 other men to Cuba. He wants to take over the government!” “And he wants you?” Said Marvins mother. “Mama, I have been waiting my whole life to do something that I actually want to do. I’m gonna’ do it!” “Well don’t you think that you should take some time and think about it first?” “There is no time mama, I have to report right away. I’m gonna’ go pack!”

Two days later, Marvin is listening to Castro’s motivational speech. “We shall invade Cuba. We must kill Batista. It’s not a secret that Batista wants me dead. You are now in my army, which means that he wants you dead too.” Said Castro. All I could do is listen. Castro was using a lot of hand motions. It was almost as if he were a conductor. I was both excited and nervous for battle. “Are there and questions?” Said Castro. No one raised a hand. “Then off we go.” Said Castro

Four days later, Marvin and all the other men have just arrived in Cuba. “Alright men, Our plan is just to attack. So go out out and attack!” Said Castro.

I had always wanted to be in this war. This is where I wanted to be. But right now I feel like I am doing wrong. “Lets go man!” Said the person behind me. I guess it’s too late to back out now. I see one of Batista’s army men. Once I have the aim, I should be able to get him. I have him in my sights. One good shot should finish him. Do I have the angle? Maybe over there would be the better shot. Wait, where did he go? Echo of a rifle shot. Feeling the bullet in my back, I now know where he is. I fall and turn around at the same time. Another Echo of a rifle shot. There’s one more in my chest. Everything is going blurry. Now it’s straight again. Now it’s blurry again. I’m cold. I can no longer feel my feet. My legs are getting numb. I’m falling in and out of consciousness. Did I fail? Does my family know this is happening? Am I the only one of my army dying? How did the choices I made in my life equal this outcome? Does anyone besides the one who shot me know I am here? How many times was I shot again? 1? 2? 3? Am I still on earth? I can’t tell. All I can see is the sky. My eyelids are slowly closing. I can’t stop them. I know whats happening. My eyelids are shut. I will never again see the world. I just want Lindsey to know that I....

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