Final Fight

April 6, 2012
By BradT61695 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
BradT61695 BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
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A small fire crackled calmly as a king stood to address his men on this, the night over two decades of fighting would come to its conclusion.
"Men! This is it, after all the blood shed, after all we have lost, and all that we have gained. Tonight we will push through and stamp the pages of history and close the window of oppression. I have given this fight my youth, my hair has wilted and turned to snow atop my head. My family has lived their lives apart from mine, very likely assuming me dead. For i haven't returned the conquering hero whom i had planned to be, but instead i have ground myself down here in the heat of battle. I have grown tired, my muscles frail, my features broken but my will has grown stronger, my bravery hardened, my anger burns hot as the fire next to me. For over twenty years this has been all we know and tonight we will prove we have learned it best!"

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