My View of Amelia Earhart

April 5, 2012
By TigerLily_eyes SILVER, Houston, Texas
TigerLily_eyes SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Lily laid out in the grassy field, her light blond hair fanned out around her. Her eyes, amber in color, sparkled as she spoke to me. Wild flowers swayed around us in a warm calming breeze, in a multitude of colors as if they were waving at us.
“Are you listening to me?” her voice, soft and cool as the aforementioned breeze.
“Of course, go on about the clouds, Love.” I said passively a purple almost magenta in color, flower twirling between my fingers. I fell back as her small hands shoved me on to the earthy floor. Gripping her hands and pulling her down next to me we laughed like the children we use to be. Staring over towards her, she was smiling brightly and even in her disheveled state she was as radiant as ever. The her face changed, a frown marring her face and huge crystalline tears fell from her eyes before she threw herself at me, clinging tightly to me, my soul if she could.
“Don’t leave. Please…” She whispered a hitch in her voice as she tried to hold in her sobs that sent shockwaves spiraling into my heart.
“It’s my dream Lily.” I sighed turning away from her and on to my back, starring up into the sky that I longed to fly through, it was so clear today with only a few cotton ball fluffy clouds here and there. Darkish strawberry blond hair messed with my sight though, my bangs falling into my chocolate brown eyes. Sitting up with Lily, her hand shakily reaching out to pull on the tips of my hair, that barely reached my shoulders.
“Amelia…” She whispered beginning to tear up again.
“Lily, Love I’ll show you the sky one day.” I said with a silly grin. Not knowing of my future or hers just making a promise that I would come back to her one day.
“Don’t be silly.” She giggled as the sparkle came back into her life filled eyes.
“That man…” I said fondly as a bell rang to the east, Lily grasped my hand tightly and pecked my cheek.
“Promise me you’ll be careful.” Lily said finally, although the puffy cheeks slick with tears ruined the image she went for, I couldn’t help but nod like a little child.
“Of course, Love! Careful is my middle name.” I laughed hugging her hard and running off, a back pack on my back heading off for my own slice of history.

The author's comments:
I wrote it in English for some reason out of nowhere.

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