Who is The Best?

March 26, 2012
By dakota gray BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
dakota gray BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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In 1894 a man by the name of Fred Barlow was the number one man in the ring. One night Fred could not be beat, Fred felt like he was unbeatable. Out of no where the crowd went silent. A man walked in, and asked for Fred.

Fred said, “I am Fred.” The man said, “my name is Charles Balbowa, I heard you were the best. I had to see for myself just how good you are.”

Fred looked at the crowd then looked at Charles and said, “Bring it on, if you think you can beat me.”

The crowd went wild, and Charles stepped into the ring.

The ref said, “Shake hands and let the best man win.” When the bell sounded, both men went straight for the quick shot to try to catch the other man of guard.

It was the third and final round of the fight. Both men are worn out., but someone had to dig down and find a little bit of energy they needed to win. Both men stepped back, the bell sounded, and they went at each other again. The last few seconds were ticking away, the crowd went silent. No one knew who was going to win. The two men stepped back. With the little bit of energy they had, they both swung and at the same time, both men fell to the ground. Having knocking each other out. The fight was over.

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