The Big Fight

March 20, 2012
By Lizzie Duel BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
Lizzie Duel BRONZE, Brandon, Wisconsin
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Hi my name is Blakelynn my story all started out in the fifth grade. When I got in a fight with a sixth grade girl named Maci. Maci Larson. She was the brat in sixth grade. Short shorts, skirts, high-heels, a blanket of make-up on, and her hair curled every single day. Begging her mom for and iPhone at the age of ten. Yeah that is Maci for you. No one liked her. Literally no one. Well during recess she went into my locker and stole my sandals. I wonder why she even took them, to be honest they were a little hideous. I got them from my grandma, and I had to accept them from her. I wore them a week before, and she made fun of me for them, so I took them off threw them in my locker and changed my shoes. Ever since last week I forgot to bring them home. I went into my locker to change my shoes because I got new sandals, and guess what.. They were missing. I panic looking for them through out my filthy locker filled with snacks from months ago, and old wrinkling gym clothes, and I still could not find them. I was so scared. I run down the hall way, and go outside, by my friends. I go by Carson Lesley first. She is my best friend. She is with everyone else in our little group.I start by saying “You know those shoes that Maci made fun of, so I threw them in my locker?”

They all say “Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, there missing. And I was the only one in the lunch room, and Maci is still inside. I am a little worried. Did any of you girls do it? I wont be mad if you tell me the truth. Honestly.”

They all reply “ No, honestly we didn’t. Blakelynn, trust us.”

“Okay I do I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t you guys, but I seriously need to get that sandal back and find out who took it.”

“Mhhhhh, we think it might be Macy if she was the only one left after lunch, and obviously she is not outside.”

“Yeah, I guess. Well should I talk to the teacher about it or something?”

“I think you should go talk to the principle about this if you are this worried about it.”

I walk back into the school, and walk into the principles office. When I get into the office I ask if Mr. Bresser was there. The secretary said “Yes, let me go and get him for you.”
I wait in there for 5 minutes. It felt like forever..

He walked out and said “ Yes Blakelynn, what do you need?”

I reply “I was missing a sandal from my locker, and I really need it back. Could you help me find out who took it? My friends and I have an idea of who it was, but we don’t really know if it was her for sure.”

“Who are you thinking it it?” He said

“Maci Larson. She was the last person inside after lunch.”

“Okay, I will have a talk with her later.”
I walk back outside and tell all of my friends what he said.

“Blakelynn, we know who did it. It was Maci. She walked outside with the shoe in her hand and she colored all over it with sharpie, and then hid it somewhere. We couldn’t tell where though. We tried. At least you know who really did it. Right?” said Carson

“Did she really? She is so mean. I can’t believe she would do that, and why would she even take one shoe instead of both of them?”

“I don’t know. Why would she even do it in the first place?” said Carson

“I’m not sure, but I’m going to go find her and talk to her.”

“Are you sure you want to even go by her? Your probably going to regret it.” said Carson

“I’m going. I don’t really care.”
I go and try to find Maci. She is no where to be found, but I found my sandal covered in marker, dirt, blood, and cuts all over it. I walk to the back of the school and find her sitting on the ground with her back towards me. Perfect just as I was planning. I sneak up behind her and get her in a restraint, so she wont be able to come at me before I get at her. She starts screaming to the top of her lungs. I tell her to Shut up before I get in trouble. She doesn’t I put my hand over her mouth so she wont scream. She twists her body around took me to the ground and starts punching me. She got me right smack dab in the left eye. Owchhh... I don’t stop fighting. I get back up and trip her into the ground and she gets a bloody nose. 1 point for Blakelynn, and 1 for Maci. It’s tied and I have to win this. I have to. She gets back up and I punch her flat out in the stomach, and she starts screaming. Her nose is bleeding, she is on the ground screaming and crying like crazy. All of a sudden I’m standing there in a punching stance when a bunch of teachers walk around the corner. They see my black eye. Maci laying on the ground still pouting like a little baby, and blood all over her. I think she is going to be really mad at me because there is blood all over her new skirt! I got told to go to the office immediately, and call 911. I got so scared. I’m the cause of her going to the E.R. Not a good thing.
I run to the office and call. “Hello, we need an ambulance at 577 Elm st. A girl got knocked out.”
“Okay, can I ask who caused this knock-out?”
I don’t answer for 10 seconds wondering if I should lie. I think, and think, and think..

“This was caused by, Carson Lesley.”

“Thank you, there on there way.”
I walk down the hall-way.. I can’t believe I just blamed my best friend on something I did. She is literally going to kill me. I get back outside and the ambulance is already there. There just leaving. Mr. Bresser told me to walk to the office with him. I am so scared. I sit down with a black eye with an evil smile acting like I don’t really care what is going to happen. All I’m worried about it losing my best friend... My life is ruined.

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