Flower Kingdom

March 14, 2012
By Oscar Saccal BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
Oscar Saccal BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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Upon acres and acres, the lush green carpet extended and rolled upon the oversized molehills like a child spinning in the same manner as a top. Roses, tulips, jasmine, orange blossoms, Saint John’s wort, lilac, lavender, germanium, and an additional continuous array of flowers that were not usually found together grew through the acres of carpet. Lady Alexia resided in the gothic themed castle of a small proportion that laid upon the carpet the same way a doll’s house would lay on carpet in a child’s room. Lady Alexia served as a misleading title for no matter how old she became age was never shown. In accordance, the truth was that Lady Alexia could not age and for living in the meadow for a period of 786 years she still looked like a six year old girl and even acted as one.

However, Lady Alexia was unaware of her condition for she lived only with her enchanted zebra, James. James was the product of a wish granted to Lady Alexia upon her sixth birthday but yielded a price, the ability to age and that one of the flowers in her kingdom will bear thorns. A zebra with the ability to talk to Lady Alexia and be immortal seemed like the most wonderful thing in the world to her for she had an eternal friend. Boredom never existed throughout the kingdom of Lady Alexia which was just the meadow composed of a miniature gothic castle that perched on the lush green carpet complemented by a hodgepodge of flowers. Flowers consisted of all that Lady Alexia cared for in addition to James but without flowers she would have most likely been bored for even with James a focus of interest would cease to exist.

Smelling the flowers, touching the flowers, picking the flowers, and merely awing at the beauty of the flowers was enough to keep excitement in the kingdom that belonged to just a girl and a zebra. A danger was present though, life exists as a garden of flowers but some flowers have thorns and occasionally someone is pricked by a thorn. The velvet petals enticed her to feel them and absorb their deep scent but the last step was still not accomplished. Touching the stem did not seem bad in Lady Alexia’s mind as long as she quickly touched it. The quick touch ended with not only a prick on Lady Alexia’s finger but also the breaking of the bond that she had of never aging as well as the discovery of which flower came to bear thorns. The entirety of 786 years of age entered Lady Alexia leaving the kingdom to James and a title to remember Lady Alexia by, the Rose Queen.

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