The Great Depression

March 5, 2012
By sbendernagel1 BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
sbendernagel1 BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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Dear Journal,

When the stock market crashed, my husband and I didn’t think we would be affected. We were doing well on our farm prior to the crash, and we weren’t involved in the stock exchange. Well, we were wrong. The bank completely wiped out our accounts. All of our money was gone. After realizing that we produced more than we could sell, we couldn’t pay off the debt we accumulated and lost our farm too. My husband traveled north to look for work while the kids and I go from farm to farm seeing if they need any extra hands. I’ve been trying to stay strong for my children, but everyday is a struggle. Making sure that we don’t starve has become my main priority. I do everything I can to assure them that it will be alright, and I try to tell myself the same. I think we all know the reality of the situation though…it’s going to take a miracle to fix this monstrosity of a country. People are living in Hoovervilles and starving in the streets! What will it take for the government to realize that it’s just going to get worse from here, and desperate actions must be taken? Six months…HA. These streets are no longer paved with gold but with a flowing river of milk and crops sent from my fellow frustrated farmers. When will it all get better?
Hoping for a better tomorrow,
A worried Wife and Mother

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