Blood in the Science Room

March 14, 2012
By NOLDEG BRONZE, Waterford, Wisconsin
NOLDEG BRONZE, Waterford, Wisconsin
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It was just another ordinary Tuesday at Columbine High in Colorado. Although the first half of the day was hectic, the Internet was being slow in the computer lab and nobody was able to work on their projects that were due on Friday. Me, being the teacher was being hounded about everything. Mr. Sanders the Internet is slow. Mr. Sanders is this homework? Mr. Sanders I got to go to the bathroom! It is now lunch time, no students hounding me, just me and my ham sandwich. Lunch is the most peaceful time on the day, students just ignore the teachers and carry on with their own thing. After I heard the 8 loud pops is when that peaceful lunch hour went down the toilet.
It startled me, but since there was a shooting range nearby, I didn’t think much of it. Still, those were louder than normal. I was convinced that it was something bad when I heard screaming outside where kids were eating lunch. They looked panicked and were screaming something about two kids with guns shooting people. I took charge and told everybody to get under a table and KEEP THEIR HEADS DOWN. I rushed into the hallway and took kids out of the hallway and into the science room. On my way back to the science room for the third time, I saw the shooters and they saw me. I got shot 4 times, once in the head, once in the neck, and twice in the chest. A couple of the students, that I was taking screamed. They picked me up and dragged me by my feet into the science room and called 911. I was dazed but I could barely make out the conversation. Apparently 911 was already called, but student that was calling was screaming into the phone

The 911 operator made it sound like they were on the case and would be there any minute.

The shooting was getting closer. I was really scared because I was un able to move and protect the other kids in the room. From the sound of it, they went into the library, so I was safe but I was scared for the kids in the library. I kept hearing shooting and I could only imagine what was going on in there.

As it turned out I took the SWAT team 3 hours to find the science room. By that time Dave Sanders had bled to death. It took them so long because, they had to evacuate every room, and the science room was one of the last. The school was also very hard to navigate, and they sometimes got lost.

The shooters were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. They were both students of Columbine High. They wore trench coats and carried 2 sawed offba ` shotguns, a semi-automatic pistol, and a rifle. A total of 12 students were killed, and one teacher, Dave Sanders. 24 others were wounded in the gun fire. Eric and Dylan committed suicide in the library after their rampage.

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