A Time Once Forgotten

February 29, 2012
By 1eris1 BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
1eris1 BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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1: “Ow!”
2: “Are you okay?”
1: “I think so, but I can’t see anything!”
2: “That’s okay, neither can I? The lights have gone out for some reason.”
1: “Okay…but I don’t think I can move either. My leg is trapped!”
2: “Alright, let me see if I can help you. Just keep making noise and I’ll make my way over towards you.”
1: “Okay.”
1: “I’m right over here.”
2: “Found you!”
2: “…Didn’t realize you were a girl by the way.”
1: “Yeah I get that a lot.”
2: “No no, I didn’t mean it to be offensive!”
1: “Relax! I’m just kidding.”
1: “My names Abigail by the way.”
2: “Nice to meet you Abigail, I’m Chris.”
1: “Nice to meet you Chris.”
1: “By the way, thank you.”
2: “No problem.”
2: “Hmm, alright. Try and twist your leg over just a bit.”
1: “Okay.”
2: “Alright and now pull gently.”
1: “Okay.”
2: “Whew! It looks like its partially free now.”
2: “Alright, now try and twist your leg in the opposite direction just a tad…wait a second! The lights are coming back on!”
2: “This will be so much easier with the lights!”
1: “Chris?”
1: “Chris are you there?”
2: “You’re…”
1: “Huh?”
2: “You’re an African…”
1: “So what? Come on, help me pull!”
2: “No, I can’t…my father says…”
2: “I’m sorry.”
1: “What? Christ what are you saying?”
1: “Chris! Where are you going?”
1: “Come back!”
1: “What about my leg…”

The author's comments:
Because in the darkness where the lights of prejudice and hatred are extinguished, were all just the same.

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