A Knight's Tale

February 14, 2012
By Greenwiz BRONZE, Ijamsville, Maryland
Greenwiz BRONZE, Ijamsville, Maryland
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I am ready! This is it! This will be my first real battle as a knight! Oh and knights and foot soldiers are completely different aspects of warrior. Do not get us confused! I mean seriously knights are hardly killed in battle usually, we are just captured and have to wait until the ransom is paid off by our lords (which is sort of humiliating) whereas foot soldiers are slaughtered left and right. They don’t have as much training as knights, plus they do not have the cool arsenal of weapons that we have. No offense to you foot soldiers but it is true you are rather...what do they call it? Ah yes lame compared to us knights. Where was I? Ah, yes...it is my first battle as a knight. I strap on my armor and head to the stables to get a horse (hopefully one that doesn’t kick me in the place we do not speak of). I saddle up and head over to join my fellow knights. We go over our plans to ambush the advancing Muslim army. Then after we bid our families farewell (in case anything is to happen to us), we head off. This battle may determine my fate. I have to be ready for anything. For all of the kingdom is depending on us to defeat the opposing army, and I shall give my life before I fail! (yes I realize that is a bit over dramatic sounding but I am just going to stick with it for now). I go over the straps on my armor all completely tightened, no obvious weak spots and I have all my weapons with me. We ride for a bit until we spot the army advancing in the distance. We go into a nearby woods and sneak our way there towards the army. We took a quick look at them and realized that there were about 400 of them whereas there were only 250 of us (I didn’t do the math by the way). We decide to stick with the plan anyway. We sent out the first wave (mostly foot soldiers with a few sergeants in tow). Most of the foot soldiers were immediately wiped out (how disgraceful). Still the first wave managed to make a dent in the defenses of the enemy. Then we sent out a second wave of attack (well I didn’t send them out, the generals and admirals did), but anyway this wave consisted of foot soldiers, sergeants, and knights and one or two captains. This time the attack left a substantial amount of damage on the enemy. Then the third wave was sent in which I was in. I started off by slinging some arrows on my long bow and shooting some of the enemy soldiers but I didn’t spend too long on that because I am not a first rank archer. Eventually I decided to try something I hadn’t done in training. Once I was out of arrows I torn the string off the enormous bow and started swinging it around bopping enemy soldiers’ heads as I rode in on my horse. Soon I just tossed the bow aside and brought out my sword. I sliced away at the enemy but soon the not 100% quality iron blade snapped in two. I tossed it away, blocked a few incoming arrows with my shield and then decided it was time to take out my lance. Wait...where is my lance?! Then I remembered that during our ride out here my comrade Walt had remembered that he forgot his lance because he refused to take inventory of his supplies before we left. So guess who had to loan their lance to him? In case your brain is not working today allow me to offer you a hint...ME!!! So I decided to ride over to where he was impaling enemies with my lance and give him a piece of my mind or satisfactory in this situation boot! “Walt it is time you paid your debt to me and give me my lance back!” “No can do, Ector. I would be weaponless without it.” “Well I am weaponless without it and it be my lance.” All the sudden wham I was knocked off my horse by the force of the blunt end of someone’s sword hitting my chest.
Well, this is very embarrassing I thought to myself as I waited in my cell. Luckily I had just remembered that I had stored a dagger in my boot before we left and it just so happens that the men in charge of putting me in apprehension did not check for any weapons to confiscate. How convenient. That is what I shall go down in history as, Ector the knight who escaped the enemy by pure luck. How wonderful. I decide to take out my dagger when the guards are not looking and start working on the lock. Luckily for me I knew a trick that would cut the lock without making a huge racket that would not attract the guards like moths to a flame. Instead of hacking away at the lock like any absurd person I started chiseling it with the dagger. Soon enough the lock came out and instead of letting it fall which would make a huge clanking noise and go barging out of my cell like an insane maniac I decide to bide my time. I decided to wait until the guards came it to feed me to hatch my escape plan. You might think that waiting for the guards would defeat the whole purpose of picking the lock but that is where you would be wrong. Chances are that in case I decided to try anything sneaky there was a guard waiting outside to lock me in during feeding time. As it turns out my prediction was correct. One guard came in with a tray of food and another guard waited outside in case I decided to try anything which I did. I whipped out my dagger, now under normal circumstances I would slashed away at the guards but I decided not to for two reasons. One, the guards had been awfully nice to me and two, I did not want to cause a disruption that would attract more guards. So I decided to take the flat of my blade and knock the guards unconscious. Once I escaped through the prisoner halls I realized something when I was surrounded by 20 new guards. I didn’t completely think this plan through. You just couldn’t have waited for the ransom to be paid off, could you Ector. Had to take matters in to your own hands didn’t you? Well this is just perfect. THE END!

The author's comments:
This was for a history project so I decided to include it in my work.

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berra said...
on Feb. 28 2012 at 4:00 pm
berra, Berwyn, Illinois
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i really liked the story .if you write any more storys let me know please and thank you :)


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