Last Days of Iwo Jima

February 14, 2012
By livebook12 BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
livebook12 BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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My great grandson needed to write a story for English so he asked me about WWII. I told him what I went through on those days. My name is Edward Godowsky and I’m 84 years old. On June 6, 1943 the fighting had already started; bullets flying from every direction. Private Johnson had told me when he was in the fox holes. He could hear voices under his feet as if the Japanese lived underground. He said that when they would capture American prisoners they would starve them and make them lie on their backs, shoving water down their throats. They would jump on their stomachs until they burst. He told me that they used to tie them to a tree in the jungle by their wrists and let the critters eat off of them. This was scary to me and when we would sleep at night we would prey the Jap’s wouldn’t slit our throats. As we fought them we noticed these guys weren’t afraid of dying. They would charge at us with their bayonets as if they were the kamikaze bombers. This was frightening. Imagine fighting samurais with assault rifles. This was amazing to me at the time; no other foreign military had stepped on Japanese soil until the Mongolian charge in 1213 A.D. Those where the last days of Iwo Jima and it will be the days I will never forget.

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