World War 2

February 3, 2012
One day, Japanese were going to attack the island of Hawaii. Later that day, the Americans were celebrating their win against Hitler’s army of Germany. One guy from America was in Japan. His name was Smith. Then, an announcement by the leader of the Japanese army named Shimabukuro said, “We’re going to attack the island of Hawaii” (Japanese language). Everybody else was like “Yeahhhhhhh”. That night Smith, the American spy, called the military leader Sargent Pat.
Smith said, “Pat, they’re going to attack the island of Hawaii”.
Pat said, “What”?
Smith said, “they’re going to attack Hawaii”.
Pat said, “Who”?
Smith said, “the Japanese”.

The next day, the military leader Sargent Pat went to the White House and he wanted to speak to the President. The President name was Cork.
He told President Cork “Mr. President, the Japanese are going to attack the island of Hawaii”.
President Cork said, “What’s there target”?
Sargent Pat said, “I don’t know yet, but I’ll get it to you soon”.
President Cork said, “Ok, thanks”.
President assistant Keith says, “What are you going to do Mr. President”?
President Cork said, “Give me the islands of Hawaii”.
Later on, they called Hawaii and told them that they were going to be attacked from the Japanese and said that they were going to be the military forces there. The military had ten billion soldiers with twenty ships and ten thousand airplanes with four turrets and two engines. They also brought twenty nurses to heal the soldiers if they are hurt or wounded. They brought soldiers from the west to the east and from north to south. They had a training facility in Hawaii to get ready for this battle with Japan.

With, those ten billion soldiers some of them were scared and some of them were not scared. It was going to be the greatest wars ever in history. Although, the Japanese had the same number of soldiers with ten billion. Except for the ships and the airplanes but, they had a weapon in their planes. They had a torpedo in every airplane that could go into the ocean and bomb ships. That was a huge advantage for the Japanese. Both countries was training for days getting ready for this war. As do they know the Japanese did not know the military from the US were at the islands of Hawaii. But, the Japanese knew they had someone on the inside. So, they spied on Smith the US citizen and then he ran right after they said “hey”. But, he got caught and he went to the palace of the Japanese army. He was questioned so many times but he wouldn’t answer. For every question he did not answer he got tortured. It got worse and worse he got kicked in the head five times. Then, twenty minutes later he died by getting shot twice in the head. As now as they know it, the Japanese found out that the military from the U.S. was at the islands by looking at Smith’s phone. But there plan was still on target only if they catch the military off guard and they could do that by letting the military go to sleep like using tear gas or when they’re tired.

Fear was still in the one billion soldiers as they weren’t ready for this battle. Therefore, the Sargent leaders Rick, Jack, and Bob helped them overcome their fear with taking four sets of groups and make them hit and punch a pillow to make it look like one of the Japanese soldiers. Once that was done they were not scared. They were ready. Since then, Sargent leader Rick went to his room/office and he was looking at a picture of his wife and son. He was thinking about them so much and he said “I’ll be right back” (to the picture). With, the Japanese they weren’t scared. They trained for years. Japanese leader says “We are ready, let’s go” and they went to the island of Hawaii.They left Japan and went to Hawaii with good bye waves to their family and friends. When they left Japan, they had their planes and guns on their ships. They were on their way and the military from the U.S. never even know they were coming.

That night, ten American Soldiers left to be with their families for reasons they couldn’t explain. One soldier said he had to go because his wife was in labor. Another soldier said that his son and daughter were in the hospital because they banged their heads together. It was all going wrong for the soldiers from the U.S.
As, soon as they left Sargent leader Pat said “Let’s get back to work, we have to prepare for Saturday’s battle”.
They went back to work. They worked so hard some American Soldiers puked and they had headaches and some were sick. It was bad for the American Soldiers to be working that hard. That night ten more soldiers went home because they hated on how they were treated.
So, Sargent Pat called the President and said “Mr. President twenty of our soldiers left and we need more recruits”.
President Cork said, “Why did they leave”?
Sargent Pat said, “Well Mr. President the first ten of our American Soldiers had to leave because their families were hurt and the other ten American Soldiers hated the way we treated them”.
President Cork said,“Ok, I’ll recruit some more American Soldiers they’ll come to the islands by tomorrow morning”.
Sargent Pat said,“Thanks you Mr. President”.

That later afternoon Sargent Pat announced “Soldiers and Sargent's I called the President and there will be twenty more American Soldiers”. Sargent’s and Soldiers clapped. When that announcement was done Soldiers and Sargent’s went to sleep feeling good about their chances of beating the Japanese. The Americans still yet didn’t know where there target was. So, they call the guy Smith (the spy) but he didn’t answer so they must be thinking like “Oh my god, there already coming to the islands”. So, ten minutes later the Sargent rang the bell and soldiers woke up from there beds and they were getting ready and they were standing in rows of one hundred.
An announcement was announced and Sargent Pat said “Soldiers and Sargent’s, the Japanese are already coming to the islands”.
Soldier asked a question and said, “how do you know this sir”?
Sargent Pat said,“We have or had a guy in Japan and he knew that the Japanese are attacking here, if it wasn’t for that guy the islands wouldn’t have no islands at all”.
Two minutes later Sargent Pat said, “Come on lets go get to work, we have a battle to win”. They went back to work and then the next morning they got there twenty American Soldiers and they were excited.

With that same day they felt like they could win. Although, the twenty American Soldiers were not scared they were prepared for something like this. That night, the Japanese are halfway to the islands of Hawaii and they were gun loaded, they sent their planes to go to the islands and sneak on the Americans.
When they came back, they said, “The Americans are training”.
Japanese leader said, “ok, we’ll attack in the morning”.
So, that same night the Americans felt good about this battle so they went to sleep in their beds on their ships.
At five o clock no Americans were up and Japanese Leader said, “This is it the battles for your lives now go”.
Japanese Airplanes went and took off and headed to the islands of Hawaii. They were like three hundred feet to the islands and it didn’t take that long for them to get there. Still yet no Americans were up so the first airplanes dropped his first torpedo.
It hit one of the Americans ships and the Americans woke up and they were like “what was that”.
One soldier said, “it’s the Japanese, let’s go”.
They woke up the other soldiers and told them “It’s the Japanese, come on let’s go”.
The Americans were up and they fought with their ships and guns. Some soldiers took off with their airplanes and they took down ten of the Japanese airplanes. But, the Japanese torpedo's was just too much as the Japanese were bombing ship after ship. It was just terrible for the U.S. as people were dying from their ships being blown. Since then, only fifteen American Soldiers survived in the battle and it made the Japanese airplanes retreat. Those fifteen American Soldiers that survived all of them went to go and see their families.

Since that battle, the next day ten out of fifteen got letters to go fight for the U.S. Marines.
Those ten soldiers went and when they got there Sargent Leader Mike said “Hello Gentlemen, you are here because we thought you were one of the best marines in this country”.
One soldier said, “Why are we here for”?
Sargent Pat said, “You guys are here because we’re going to attack a country”.
Soldier said, “Who are we attacking”?
Sargent Pat said, “Going to attack Japan”.
Everybody was shocked that they were going to attack Japan right after they did to Hawaii the other day. For everyone after that announcement they went to work. Those two days they went to the Marines they did shooting. The next two days they had the jets. First they had to know all of the controls. Then the next day they had to learn how to fly it and later on they were on a marine ship. They had to see if they can get off at a good pace and speed. Since that was done they went to sleep. The Japanese felt pretty good about themselves after they bombed the military ships on the island of Hawaii. They know that the U.S. was going to comeback. So, they had their soldiers to defend Japan all along the coast of their city.

While the Japanese were doing there defending the U.S. finished up there training with having two trains twirl like one goes to the left and one goes to the right. Those ten American soldiers did that and then another announcement was announced.
With that announcement Sargent Mike said “Gentlemen, were not only going to attack Japan but were going to bomb them with an atomic bomb and some other bombs that will be attached to your jets, so now we have four professional time bombers to do the job and they will be teaching you how to drop it and when to drop it”.
Those four professional time bombers showed them how to drop it and when to drop it so that they won’t make a mistake. After that was over they slept then the next day they went to go and bomb Japan. Four feet away from Japan the big guns from Japan was shooting at the U.S. Marines Jets. They were fifty seconds from the drop zone so they had to go fast and drop those bombs. Then fifty seconds later they dropped the bombs and it killed most of the Japanese soldiers. Later on, had Japanese soldiers with their airplanes and they were shooting the US Marine jets. The US were fighting back and they shot down all of the Japanese Airplanes then later on they had one bomb left and that was the big one. That big one was the atomic bomb. With that atomic bomb it will blow up the Japanese soldiers but it will destroy the Japanese people with their kids. It was going to be horrible but it will have to do. If they drop the atomic bomb they had to place it on a good heavy military area. Also once they drop that bomb they have to get out of that drop zone in a hurry. So, they dropped the bomb and they went hurried back to the ship and it bombed every adult and children and soldier. As soon as they dropped the bomb they went back to their ship and then the next day they went to the White House and they were honored with a medal of honor.

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