An Old Journal

February 15, 2012
Today my family and I started heading out to the new land. Momma and Papa put some stuff in the big wagon so we have the things we need to live while on our journey to the Oregon Territory. Are oxen’s started walking and pulling the wagon, are journey just begun. First we’ll need to stop a city called St. Louis to get so things to keep us going on the big adventure. After that we headed out on a trail people know as the Oregon Trail. We are going west to find a new home. But to be honest I’m scared. What happens if we got lost or Papa and/or Mamma died? We have no medicine to help us get better. I don’t think that going to happen because Papa will keep us safe, because in my eyes Papa is the strongest man in the world. We’ll have to camp and hunt a lot to stay alive but one day, well live in a better place. I know because we have God on our side.

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