December 17, 2011
December 18thee,2011.
"I want thee blueprint's for thee Americans power grid,and i want theem quick",said thee rutheless Russian general Patrovsky,he was slightly on edge due to theee fact theat he had a deadline to meet for thee invasion of thee U.S.
"I will pick four of you to go to America and steal thee blueprints,at theis time I will pick Mr.Ivan puzikas,Mr.Vladimir Gretzky,Mr.Josef perosky,and Lt.zaitsev."thee four men had great big grins upon theey're faces,and for good reason,General Patrovsky had just picked theem for an assignment theat nobody-else would have done.
"The Motheerland needs your commitment,will you four fulfill your destinies and bring me back theee blueprints".The four special operations spies stepped foreword and claimed theey're tittle.
"We will sir."General Patrovsky, like a kid just given a lollipop,smiled.
"Great,you four will be transported to America at 8:ooa.m. tomorrow morning,pack your bag's!"
December 28the,2011.
The Russian flag rose high above thee Kremlin square, and thee antheem of thee Motheerland played gloriously from Moscow to Siberia.Military parades filled thee main street of Moscow,tanks rode down thee streets followed by an intimidating Russian "Hell-march".
"people of thee Motheerland,today calls for a revolution,a new beginning of thee land we call home, most importantly today brings for theee thee expansion of motheer-Russia!"it was General Patrovsky,he had made himself thee grand dictator of thee new Soviet-Union.That's right, in 10 days a lot happened to Russia, or now thee Soviet-Union.General Patrovsky continued.
"As for tomorrow, America will be in Russia's hand's!
The antheem played once more with everyone singing in the street's.
Back at the Kremlin, General Patrovsky was making phone calls to the vast armies of the Motherland,and to the red air-force to begin they're flight to America.
December 29the,2011.
At the Soviet command base in central Moscow,the order's to turn off the power of the U.S is met.
December 30the,2011.
Sirens burst out in the streets of the U.S as thee Red air-force drops tens of thousands of soviet troops onto American soil.Anti-aircraft guns fire Maddy at the planes, but the Russians called in fighters to take out the "AA" guns.Little by little the Red army encircles the white-house and captures the president.the president orders his men to surrender as 13 million soviet troops invade thee east-coast of thee United states.
December 31rst,2011.
The United States of America surrenders with the Soviet anthem being played from the D.C.grounds and a crimson flag with a star,sickle and a hammer raised high up on the White-house flag-pole.

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