Maile Kealoha

December 16, 2011
By KarlynDavis BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
KarlynDavis BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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“Daddy help me,” Maile said in a faint whisper.

The year was 1941 December 6th Maile Kealoha was playing outside her small broken home. She played with her next door neighbor little Ewa. She was the same age as Maile.
Maile had long black hair, and dark chocolate brown eyes. She was playful and stunningly beautiful.

December 7th, 1941 7:50 a.m.
Maile was playing in her front yard while her mom was planting Lillies in their garden full of Roses.

Maile looked up as a small plane flew by, and the name was Zuikaku, which means Rising Crane in Japanese.

She watched as they dropped something, it looked like a bird waiting to land. Before Maile could turn around to tell her mom she heard a loud scratchy sound; that’s when the first bomb hit Pearl Harbor.

Maile watched as her mom threw everything to the ground, and turn around. Maile thought she was coming to grab her and run, but she was wrong her mom ran right past her and onto the streets.

Maile could smell the gas burning from the fire on the ships, and she could see the monstrous flames from the sea.
Maile’s dad ran out of their home to grab Maile, when he saw his wife was already gone. You could see his shock as he saw Maile running up to him.

Her father picked up Maile, and he ran to shelter. As he was running, the second bomb hit, and Maile was thrown from her father’s arms as a great force pushed him down.

“Daddy help me,” Maile said in a faint whisper.

Maile and her father found shelter, all the buildings were torn down or missing.

Maile was hurt, and her father couldn’t find a doctor anywhere, so they had to wait till morning.

The next day, Maile’s father tried to wake her up, but couldn’t.
Over night after being poisoned Maile died a fast, but painful death.

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