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January 26, 2012
By Allenstine BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
Allenstine BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
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I stood there motionless. I was seeing the same book that I hated and knew that it was all lies but I never thought that my teacher would read it and she even said that everything was true. It was The Poison Mushroom and it insulted Jews. During class I tried not to hear what some classmates would ask. “Just block everything. They know it’s not true, but why are some people nodding. Please just stop. Just stop!” I thought. Even though I thought that it would stop I knew it would not work and then finally I lost my temper and screamed, “Stop!!! Just Stop!!!! You all know that it’s lies, all lies we aren’t anything like that!” I covered my mouth knowing what I just said, and thinking that nothing worse could happen when my teacher screamed to go to the principal’s office while others were laughing about what happened. I was embarrassed.
I hated them but no I really couldn’t I wanted to but it was the governments fault. They weren’t at fault. While I was getting a “lecture” from my principal I saw that I wasn’t the only one in trouble there were some few people here in the office that also got in trouble for similar reasons. When I got home my parents were there. I knew what was coming but instead my parents told me that we were running away from Germany escaping.
“Escaping why do we have to escape? Were no rats we do not need to hide. Why? Why?” I said. My mom seeing that I was stressed she just said that it would be alright. During the night we planned to ride a carriage and go away. While in the ride my family had to hide so in case some brown shirts were to check we wouldn’t be caught. Then we made it across to the border of Austria. We had to hide ourselves from the rest of people and wouldn’t wear The Star of David. But then a month later Germany took over.
There were many stories some of which were horrible. They would kill villages and it was sad that so many people would hate us. While my mother and I were walking during the night we started hearing noises in the woods. I freaked what would happen if we were caught and took to somewhere horrible or that we would be killed in the second they spotted us. And then you heard it was a dog that was howling on our way. My mother knew what was coming and told me to run, to run as far as I could to not turn back while she would distract them. I stood there crying, whispering to my mom that we should run together to not leave me alone but she said no. My heart was hurting and I was crying, no it was more of sobbing but quietly. We started hearing the dog get closer and closer and then she said go and gave me a smile. It’s going to be alright.” she said.
I started to run crying trying to hold in my tears. Then I stopped and tried to hear my mom coming over where I was but instead I heard a scream and a gunshot. I then thought the worse but reminded myself to think positive and thought that my mom would come back anytime. But she never did and I stood there crying getting all my sadness out. I only had my mom after my dad left with my younger brother. After the day passed the sun came out but I didn’t care after all I was all alone. Later in the evening I got the courage to see if my mom was there but what I found was a corpse. It was all burned up and you could see that the person got shot in the heart but I immediately knew that it was my mom. She had the golden necklace that I brought for her on her hand. And then I lost it and screamed, screamed my lungs out. I was crying thinking that life was over everybody I knew was dead.; Why should I be alive?
Then I heard a twig snap though I only jumped. I felt someone get closer and closer and thought that maybe I would die now and join mom but instead I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it was a girl about my age she raised her index finger to her mouth and then signaled to hide. I stood there and nodded no but she took my hand by force and made me hide in the bush. We stood there silent trying to not make any noise. It was brown shirts I wanted to go and hit them make them regret everything they had done to me but instead she tried to hold me back.

It was too late though I was already running at them trying to hit them but instead I got knocked over. She got caught to. I felt bad I was acting so stupid. Now my stupidity may of killed someone’s life I thought while I was getting moved after being knocked over. When I woke up there was many people going inside trains. You could very easily tell that it was crowded. While I stood there a German shouted to me “Bewegen!” It meant move so I got pushed to the train. You instantly could tell that the smell was horrible, that it was wet and squishy under and that there was a very tense atmosphere. When finally the last person was pushed inside everybody was quiet. Nobody knew where we were going.
While we were in the ride I noticed that there were no bathrooms. Later people would go to the bathroom right where they were after all we could barely move. Then something horrible happened. There was a baby crying and then a brown shirt grabbed the baby and slammed its head against the wall. The mom cried carrying the baby but you could tell that it was dead it head was bleeding and the baby cried no more throughout the ride. When that happened I started crying remembering about my mother I wondered if she died fast or horribly or if my dad and brother were alright. We stood in the train several days and by the several days many died and the smell got worst.
When we finally arrived there were numerous lines of people many people looked that they were going to die sooner of later. Then while in the line I was directed to a place. There they made us take our clothes off. I couldn’t remember the last day I took a bath. We had to hung our clothes and everybody was naked. We were all embarrassed. They made us stay in the room. Everybody was tense it was hard to breathe and then suddenly we heard a noise.
While expecting to feel water instead we saw a gas. There I noticed weird mark on the ceiling, it looked like scratches. It was then getting hard to breathe. With every breathe it hurted worse then we started to struggle trying to get fresh air if it was possible. You could see some children were in here and that they were dying already while the mothers were gasping and crying at the same time. It was really sad then I thought about if I died that maybe just maybe I would go to where my mom would be. Then I remembered that if I was to die that I could be reunited with her that I wanted to be remembered as Abigail Smith, a 13 yr. old girl who was a loving sister and daughter. So anybody who knew me or even saw me just please, please remember me………………………………

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on Feb. 2 2012 at 6:28 am
Allenstine BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
4 articles 0 photos 7 comments
Thank you very much. :)

Genya GOLD said...
on Feb. 2 2012 at 5:36 am
Genya GOLD, Bridgewater, New Jersey
10 articles 0 photos 53 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Never do anything that you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics."-Unknown Author

I thought this was really good and well-written. The part at the end was especially realistic.


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