I Am Schrödinger's Cat.

January 20, 2012
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I am Schrödinger's cat.
I am alive as I am dead, yet unaware of this. Born in the brilliant mind of Erwin, my existance was as great as that of a dream evolving in a man's subconscious; minimal. It was not until the year 1935, when my existance was given greater importance and aknowledgement. Named after my father and creator, I was the topic of conversation in many elegant diners and became the main thought of numerous bright minds. I traveled the world, in a sense. Words both spoken and written were my transportation. Minds and chalkboards were my destination. I became ever so famous. Youngmen studied me. Commonfolk knew me. Clevermen utilized me.
And yet, somehow, my existance remained unexistent.
I am Schrödinger's cat.
I am alive as I am dead, yet unaware of this. In a mind where the Many Worlds Theory takes over (much like a god does over an average man), I lie between memorized equations and the dawn of insanity.
Infinite the number of universes, as infinite the number of cats and infinite the number of results. Here I am, literally countless times, both alive and dead. Poisoned and yet healthy.
I am Schrödinger's cat.
Unlike most cats, I am not flesh and blood, but simply an idea. I am a cat that walks on fields of thoughts and is fed with conlusions and equations. I am no regular cat, you see. I am not free. I have no liberty, yet somehow manage to exceed the boundaries of many minds and beliefs.
I occupy simply the mass of a single box, yet manage to exist in over a million. a billion. a trillion.
I am a cat, yes. But no ordinary cat; I am Schrödinger's cat.

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