The Young Girl

December 4, 2011
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A young girl didn’t know her time spent with her family has become limited. She sat by the feet of her loyal and wonderful grandfather. He watched her play with her dolls, and he laughed at her creative imagination. Time passed and the young girl’s grandfather left for work. As she sat in the room with the company of her dolls her uncle stepped inside the room. He smiled and walked slowly toward her. As he reached her his fingers ran through her hair and then he grabbed her and dragged her to the back room in the house. Her eyes sealed shut. She screamed. She cried. She called to her grandfather who was present. After minutes the satisfied uncle left. Weeks went on and the same process happened every day at 2 o’clock when the grandfather left for work.
After time has passed the mother grew sick from the presence of her twelve year old daughter. They left her at the nearest bus stop. The family packed up and left, along with the desperate daughter’s grandfather. The young beautiful girl walked the streets of down town Atlanta alone. It was not long until a man saw her by herself upset and in need of food and shelter. He approached her slowly and grabbed her by the arm. She jumped and turned around quickly where she found a big man with dark beady eyes staring into her eyes almost reaching her soul. He gave her a tug to the opposite direction where she was walking. At first she resisted to walk, but as his hands grip tightened around her thin arm and she began to walk with him into the darkness. They reached a tall brick building with boards covering the windows. She and the Pimp stepped into the building and a gust of cigarette smoke met them at the entry hall. She looked down the hall and found several doors on each side. Suddenly the Pimp called for a man. The second door on the left opened and out walked a tall man with dark brown hair and pitch black eyes. He smiled at the young twelve year old girl and asked her to come into the room. The Pimp nudged her towards him and she looked at her feet and walked with the new tall dark man into the room. She sat on the white chair closest to the door. He began to speak. He told her the rules of what she would be doing. The man sat down behind an old wooden desk and spoke in a loud voice, “Rule one: This is your new home and you will stay in a room with other girls. Rule two: Your job will make me and my buddies rich. You will be working to stay alive, therefore we will provide 2 meals a day and a place to sleep. Rule 3: You will work on the corner of Willis Street and Brooks Avenue. Rule 4: You must charge your customers 120 dollars a night”. He began to raise his voice louder and barked at her, “Rule 5: You will speak to NOBODY about where you stay or who is in charge of you. The man that you came in here with is your Pimp. All the money you make will be given to him. If we find out any of the profit you made went into your pocket you will be sorry.” She looked at him and knew he was serious. He glanced at the door implying she could leave the room now. As she left her Pimp showed her to the room where all the girls stayed. Small cots were lined up against the walls. There was a girl in each cot except one, which is where she would sleep. It was in the corner next to two girls and by the boarded up window. The Pimp left the room and the young girl went to her cot. The girl to her left, Tracey, had long blonde hair and round green eyes she smiled when the young girl sat down next to her. Tracey began to tell the new young girl that she has been a prostitute for over three years and that she was now fourteen years old. The young girl just looked into her lap praying that a miracle would happen and she would soon get out.
Years passed and no miracle had happened. The young child had bloomed into a young woman and was now the age of sixteen. It was in the middle of March and the girl was walking to her original corner of Willis Street and Brooks Avenue, when she bumped into a woman. The girl looked up at her to mumble her apology when the woman smiled at her and greeted her with her soft and kind words of, “Oh hello dear. I’m sorry, my name is Lisa… Lisa Williams.” The girl looked down and mumbled her own name to be polite, “Hi, I’m Anslee, but I must get going.” Lisa stared at Anslee and told her to come with her. Anslee ignored her and kept walking to her corner. Lisa called for her to come back and when the girl kept ignoring her she started to run towards her. Once Lisa caught up with her she pleaded for her to leave this awful part of town. Anslee stopped in her tracks and began to weep trying to explain through her tears that she would be beaten if she ever left. Then Lisa said the most magical words to Anslee, “Sweetie, how will you be beaten if they can’t find you? I have a beautiful and safe place for girls like you. Come with me.” Anslee took a deep breath and decided to take a risk and go with her.
After hours in the car Lisa and Anslee arrived at a big white house with a wrapped around front porch and it was all in a wooded area. The house was large and surrounded by bright wild flowers. As they started to the front door a young woman who looked like she was in her twenties meet them at the screen door. She welcomed Anslee into the warm house with a big smile across her face and an even bigger hug. Anslee walked in and saw a picture that hung on the far left wall that read “Welcome to Living Water for Girls, where everyone has made mistakes and where everyone will learn to fix them.” Lisa took Anslee around the house and showed her the school room, the craft room, the church/ Bible study room, the kitchen, the garden, and the bedrooms. All of it was beautiful and Anslee was ready to begin her new life here. After minutes of Anslee talking to Lisa about what had happen to her, five girls came inside the house. They were all beautiful and had great smiles on their faces. Lisa introduced them, “These are the girls that are just like you, Anslee. This is Trisha, Molly, Sadie, Lauren, and Taylor. They have all been through the same situation and now are new wonderful girls.” Anslee smiled and once in her life felt loved and cared for and it was all because of the program: Living Water for Girls and of course Mrs. Lisa Williams.
The True Facts:
Prostitution is a real thing that is happening around us all the time we just don’t know it. Children and adults sell themselves for sex because of Pimps. Atlanta is one of the top spots for prostitution and hardly anyone is doing anything about it, but one lady is, Lisa Williams. Yes, she is a real person and more alive in God than any other Christians. She is a beautiful woman who has opened a program called Living Water for Girls. This program helps young teenage girls out of prostitution and back on their feet. They come to a house where they are sheltered, feed, and educated. These girls would be nowhere without her. Prostitution needs to come to a complete stop.

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otherpoet said...
Jan. 8, 2012 at 6:54 pm
I like that you include the true facts at the end of your story. It's really interesting! Keep writing!
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