Jaguar (Part 1)

December 4, 2011
By John-David BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
John-David BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
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(Part 1)

Central Mexico, 1389:
In the middle of battle in a time of war, a time for glory, honor, and will. The sun was bright and scorching hot making the entire environment dry and wickedly humid. My name is “Wild Paw” and I am a young Aztec warrior serving a great and noble kingdom and civilization. Armed with deadly weapons and dawning the thin clothe of a jaguar hide that I hunted years ago, I took position behind a pile of large stone and rubble in the middle of an open area that used to be a great monument of worship but now it has been reduced to a graveyard of ruins. I waited anxiously, fighting off the temptation to spring into action soon but I quickly recalled to my training and remembered that a true hunter and warrior is patient and disciplined, being careless and overconfident can get you killed. My training is serving me well and the gods have been in my favor, I have been performing superbly this day, more than any other if I dare say. The battle is coming to a close but it is not finished yet, I am not finished yet. After fulfilling my training and trails in my adolescence, I have been a mid-ranked warrior for years now, in my opinion that is long enough.
Earlier while waiting I saw a jaguar walking pass dragging a large dead animal with him as his prey. It They are extraordinary creatures; long, muscular, mighty and powerful with dark yellow fur and even darker black spots, a perfect combination of beauty and ferocity. As I gazed into eyes of this wondrous animal it left I thought how amazing that such an apex predator had bested something that was larger and stronger than it all by itself. How much of glorious feeling and experience it must be. Several moments pass until I finally pick up a sound coming from my front within the surrounding woods. I quickly and quietly began to climb higher onto the rubble. When I had finally reached near the top, I slowly peeked over the top edge just enough to see the area and making sure not to be recognized by anyone approaching. Gripping my tomahawk firmly, sweat dripping down my face and seeping through my grasp I began to wipe at my face as the sun caused my eyes to strain, making it difficult to see the six figures coming out of the woods. I could tell by their different article of clothing that they were enemy warriors. I began to prepare myself, until I suddenly heard another noise similar coming from behind me. I quickly whipped around about to strike until I caught sight of the three figures standing at the bottom of the piled rubble from where I was. I stopped just in time and recognized the three men as my friends and allies crouched low, each of my allied warriors wearing the similar hide to mine. One was around the same age and size as me, his name was “Flint Moon”. The second “Sharp Snake” was slightly smaller than I but even more so younger. The last one was just a couple years older than me but much bigger named “Solid Skin”. They made a calming gesture towards me, aware of the approaching enemies. After returning the gesture back, I turned my gaze back towards the enemy, they were much closer now and I also noticed that they were still grouped together; they weren’t apart at all not trying to separate. I saw this as an advantage and a plan quickly came into mind. I turned my gaze away again and began to edge quietly down from the rubble to the ground and group with my brothers. As soon as I reached the bottom, we clustered together and I began to explain my plan to them quickly and specifically.
It only took a moment or two to put our plan into effect. Two of my allied warriors Flint Moon, Stone Skin, and I had surrounded the six enemies who were still clustered together and searching the area. We took cover in separate areas, Sharp Snake stayed on the ground as the others and I stayed high. We had our weapons drawn and we kept quiet. Sharp Snake hid behind a small boulder as the enemy group was approaching him. This is it, no turning back now. We were already close enough now so we quickly began to mentally prepare ourselves and I knew that the three warriors were thinking and feeling the exact same thing as I was. We were all eager to get into battle and strike down these villains to claim their lives and fate for ourselves. The scorching heat of the sun had not seized either. It seemed to feel even hotter than before causing even more pressure on us to be focused and patient. But we knew what to do, so we stayed sharp and disciplined. The six were now no less than a few feet away from Sharp Snake. It was time now. The small warrior had stepped out from behind his cover and in front of the six enemies revealing himself to them. The six enemies stopped dead in their tracks once they all caught sight of him. Sharp Snake just stood there with his weapons in hand and waited as the six warriors raised their weapons and began to approach him. He had all of their full attention on him only, my plan had worked. That was our cue now, without a second of hesitation all three of us sprung into action, taking them all by surprise, ambushed, and engaged in combat.
Despite my plan being executed perfectly, these six enemies reacted quickly to situation and also ready for battle. Flint Moon stepped out from cover and thrust his spear at the closest enemy. As the enemy turned to face him, the spear stabbed into him, penetrating his torso. The man began to spit out blood as the head of the spear protruded out of his back. Flint Moon then tugged hard and yanked his spear out of the man’s body leaving a bloody hole in his chest and the full head of his spear soaked red with blood. The enemy warrior looked down at the wound in utter shock as Flint Moon twirled his spear around and whacked the enemy in the jaw with the blunt end of his spear making him slump instantly to the ground. Solid Skin jumped down from his high post and landed on top of his enemy forcing him down to the ground and onto his back. He then grabbed the enemy’s neck holding him down, pulled out a short double-edged stone knife and jabbed it right into the man’s side. The man snarled loud in pain as Solid Skin twisted the knife inside of the enemy causing him to cringe and then go still. Another enemy charged at Solid Skin with his knife attempting to avenge his fallen comrade, but my friend saw him coming just in time. He didn’t have time to pull his knife out of the dead man so he leaped to his feet without his weapon as the man charged at him and began swinging his knife savagely at him. Solid Skin was ducking and weaving until after a few short moment he caught the man’s wrist with both hands, spun around a full circle then with a violent yank he twist and popped his enemy’s shoulder and broke his wrist. The excruciating pain caused his enemy to slump down on one knee. Solid Stone then raised his huge foot and kicked the man hard to the ground. With the man helpless and hurting, Solid Skin pulled out a rope and began to tie up the man’s hands; he was taking him as a live prisoner. I had the same intentions in mind too.
With only three more men to go I engaged my first enemy with my tomahawk. The man came at me with his spear as we both battled. He made a quick attempt to stab me in the gut with his spear, but I was fast. I quickly side-stepped averting the sharp spear just by inches, I then used my tomahawk to deflect the spear away exposing the man’s face for a split second. I only had enough time to react by curling my free hand into a fist and sent it shooting towards the man punching him in the jaw and causing him to stumble back dazed. I then quickly took my tomahawk, raised it up high above my head, and swung downward attempting to cleave his head. Still dazed the man held his spear up horizontally with both of his hands trying to block my attack but as my tomahawk connected to the side of his spear, I smashed and broke the spear in two. The men yelped in shock as he took one look at his splintered spear threw the bottom half away, then held on to the remaining half with the sharp-head and quickly gave another attempt to stab me again. Using the same move except much faster, I swatted the spear away, this time I knocked it right out of his grip leaving him unarmed. Before my enemy could react, I swung my tomahawk making a perfect and precise slash to his throat. The man gurgled and coughed as blood seeped out of his wound. Eventually the man’s eyes fluttered and he fell to the ground lifeless. I took my gaze away from him and saw that Sharp Snake had already killed his guy. His opponent had swung his club towards his legs, but my little friend was fast and agile. He leaped up and towards the man evading his weapon. With his stone knife already in hand, Sharp Snake landed on the man. Sharp Snake wrapped his legs around the man’s waist who was still standing and trying to throw Sharp Snake off of him. Sharp Snake aimed his blade stabbed him in the neck causing his enemy to lose his balance and fall back killing him instantly. This fight was coming to an end, but now there was just one more enemy to deal with and he was mine. The man was bigger and more muscular than me and judging by numerous tattoos all over his face and body, I could tell he was the leader of this group, a high ranked warrior. Very impressive but I wasn’t intimidated. He drew an obsidian knife and held it firmly. With my tomahawk at hand we glared at each other for a moment quietly staring, planning, and praying for victory. We then finally charged at one another and fought.
I made the first move by swinging my tomahawk towards him diagonally, but this man blocked my shot fast and stepped sideways from my weapon and he swung his knife slicing into the flesh on my arm. I yelled in pain as I dropped my tomahawk and then was kicked hard in the stomach by the man knocking me to the ground and making me cough out violently. The man advanced towards me but I stayed focused. I ignored the pain in my arm, quickly rolled to my feet and drew my obsidian knife just in time to block his incoming slash. It was now knife on knife. A minute or two had passed as we repeatedly swung, slashed, jabbed, ducked, weaved, and struck at one another. He still came at me hard as I began to run out of breath, I couldn’t go on much longer, I have to plan something now. If I wait or stall any longer, I will lose and I will get killed. The man noticed me getting winded, he smiled wickedly and began to come at me even harder but he was getting cocky and his movements were now sloppier. I stayed sharp and patiently waited for an opportunity for him to make a flaw but nothing presented itself. Just when felt that I was done for the man stepped forward and back swung his knife at me. I managed to duck just in time feeling slight clip on the top of my head, as I ducked I saw that the man’s leg was exposed. Before even thinking about it I swung my knife horizontally and made a very deep slice into his ankle. The man snarled ferociously in pain as we both aimed our knives and made our final strike at one another. The man should have stabbed me first but I quickly reacted fast once more by bring my free hand up blocking the arm that was holding his knife and bringing his swing to a complete halt. I immediately followed through with my attack and stabbed him in his waist causing him to scream loud and stumble to one knee. The man became angry and made an attempt to grab for my neck but before anything else happened, I lowered my chin down and thrust my head forward smashing his nose causing blood to burst out of his nostrils and splash onto my forehead. The man then went unconscious and fell to the floor.
Overwhelmed and astonished by my triumph I stared wide-eyed at my allies who had just finished their battles. After a long silent pause, we all then smiled and made our victorious battle cries. With our heads raised high we roared loud and proud so that things alive and dead may bear witness this. After that we exchanged a few laughs and boasts, I pulled a rope out and bind my enemy’s hands. Several moments passed as we gathered our weapons cleaned ourselves up, and wrapped our wounds. It was time for us to meet back with our men to return to our homes and tell of our glorious victory. Once we were ready to leave, my friends decided to let me lead the way and have me guide them back home as a reward. They were all proud and impressed with me. I was honored by their offer and accepted it. But before I did I thanked them and showed my appreciation for coming to my aid when I was outnumbered and outmatched. We claimed victory together and I wouldn’t be here in this glorious moment if it weren’t for my brothers. After my Solid Skin had rounded up his live prisoner, I then heaved my larger and mightier prisoner to his feet, he was barely conscious now. I immediately took full control of him as my own captive then forced him and the other wounded captive to move with us. With confidence I stood tall and proud as I started to march forward first, leading my men like a true leader. Deep down I felt like a true warrior and hunter that earned his victory and honor with his bothers. The god’s had truly blessed us. I now saw a part of the mighty jaguar in me now… be continued…………

The author's comments:
"This piece was inspired by the culture and history were my family originated. I saute and honor my long and distant ancestors"

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Debbie81 said...
on Jan. 10 2012 at 10:26 am
I truly enjoyed John David's short story. Very well written. The story flowed well and kept my interest. The details of the attacks were very descriptive and made me feel like I was there.


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