December 13, 2011
By -Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
-Madhatter- PLATINUM, Ballwin, Missouri
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"I hate it when people see you in the supermarket and they are like 'Hey! What are you doing here?' and I'm just like 'Oh you know....hunting elephants'"

The acrid stench of blood and death greeted my nostrils as I stepped off the train…actually I was thrown off the train, but that’s beside the point. The point is that I knew this wasn’t the safe place the SS officers offered us. They lied. I shrugged of the betrayal. What was I supposed to expect? Them to hand me a silver platter with Hitler’s head on it? A large line of us Jews stood waiting for the man at the front to point us to the right or left. Once I got to the front, the man looked me up and down. He glared at me and pointed to the right. My chest tightened ~Did he send me to my death?~ I asked myself. ~Or did he send me to freedom?~ I glanced around at the bone thin figures and gasped in horror. ~He sent me to hard labor! Starvation! I am not free, I’m a slave now.~ I realized. They sheered my hair like a sheep in the spring. I looked at myself in a puddle from the scarce rain and inhaled sharply. Who I saw was not me. I couldn’t recognize myself. I wanted to scream at the Nazis, throw something at them, do SOMETHING to show them they were wrong. But they believed we were vermin, nothing else. I closed my eyes and stopped working. ~Let them shoot me! I don’t want to live like this anymore!~ The excruciating pain in my back told me that my prayer had been heard. I closed my eyes peacefully sighing with relief as blackness swept over me like a dark, sweet wave.

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