History Indeed Repeats Itself

December 18, 2011
By vsekhorosho BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
vsekhorosho BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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I remember papa telling me stories of the great war when I was a boy,gruesome horror stories of bayonet charges, and trench raidings, I never thought that much of his stories, or even that history would repeat its self but I sure wish that I would have payed more attention,because now I'm reliving his stories.
Blood,I've never seen so much in my life, the German fascists invade our glorious Motherland in hopes of returning what they need for the Fuhrer to be satisfied.I say,the sick monster needs a bullet through the back of the head.My name is Dimitry Drevnerusky, and I am a Russian soldier fighting the hate-fueled fascists out of my Motherland.The German runs off of the men, women, children,that he kills.The German has no soul, it kills without relent. The German kills whoever they're fuhrer commands. But I have news for the German, I will fight to my last breath.
"Dimitri,come on we have to get to the Volga!The Germans are tearing our men to pieces!Come now,The Motherland needs us more now than ever!"Chernov,my best comrade lifted me up and handed me my rifle"What do you mean?Hear no explosions,or gunshots"right as I said ot Boom,taktaktaktak!
"come on Dimitri!"
Chernov started to run,I followed.As we got closer to the fight saw hundreds of Germans screaming in a charge to the highest point near the Volga.Men right next to me were picked off in an instant.
"Chernov,we have to take that hill!!!!!!"Chernov looked at me as if i was crazy.
"Are you mad Dimitry!!If we go up"
PPPOOWW,Chernov fell to the ground,dead.
"NOOO!!!,you sick sick rats!!I charged to the top of the hill.
The story ends here with the death of private.Dimitry Drevnerusky who fought gallantly in the seige of the Volga during the German invasion.

The author's comments:
I love to write stories about the Eastern-front during World War Two.Many died to protect the Motherland.But they died defending they're homeland,and that we honor you for.

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Bauhaus BRONZE said...
on Jan. 5 2012 at 4:08 pm
Bauhaus BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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i actually wrote this back when i was vse khhorosho, but i started over.


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