God's Generation

December 7, 2011
By austin casabona BRONZE, Morrstown, New Jersey
austin casabona BRONZE, Morrstown, New Jersey
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Decades ago God was lonely. Nothing around him, nothing-close just space. He decided there must be a solution, a way, a key to have something more. He opened his hand and raised it. With his great powers he created a white light. When you looked at the white light it almost looked like you were dreaming in space. Like it wasn’t real, or it was just playing with your mind. Out of the illuminating white light a peculiar thing came out. When the thing stopped glowing he created five more. He then decided to call them Arch Angels, descendants from God himself. You six are brothers God said. God pointed to the first one, you are Manwe, the second Secretis, the third Arsenol, the fourth Sinos, the fifth Sancret, and the sixth Rankos. All six held their hands together and in front of them they created Mother Earth.
The Arch Angels were brothers by force. They had no choice whether they wanted to or not. When they were created their mind was blank. A clean slate, a new sheet. They were like babies with powers of the unknown. Imagine a little baby that glowed all the time. Showed nothing but happiness and joy. Or the birthmark of the element on their arm. Marvelous creations God had made. God was so happy with his creations he never knew what his creations would be like. He felt warmth, comfort, and happiness. Most of all he wasn’t lonely. After a while the Arch Angels grew intelligent quickly. God was amazed at how fast they were growing. Before he knew it the Arch Angels were speaking fluently. A language god created. Then god realized learning was not interesting anymore. He focused on their powers. At random moment’s beams of water or bolts of fire or the strongest winds of the forest. God was very interested in the patterns.

As the Arch Angels were fully grown they had powers beyond belief. If you looked at the Arch Angels in a certain way in the light they sparkled. The beauty of their life became laughter in the air or giggles in the grass. They brought happiness with their powers they had. But what had been coming from the angels might’ve been too good to be true. Manwe the power of air. Secretis the power of water. Arsenol the power of rock. Sinos the power of fire. Sancret the power of creation. Rankos the skill of the sword. For days and days each son would become more skilled and powerful in their element. Soon enough hurricanes tsunamis, mass destruction of fire were everywhere. As God came down, mother earth greeted god and told him what has been happening. God had strong visions of this happening. His sons were destroying mother earth. So God called all of his sons to his temple in the stars and had a chat with the arch angels…

God congratulated them, for the remarkable advance in magic they’ve had accomplished. The Arch Angels bowed to god and praised for making it possible to be in his presence. God then talked to the Arch Angels for about an hour and a half. He talked about mother earth and the terrible they had been causing. So the Arch Angels apologized about the terrible things they had done. God then created a portal and out came 6 coffins. The six coffins were decorated the same but had a different symbol in the middle. Then God announced the six coffins held the power to master their element. The Arch Angels immediately inspected the coffins and found their own symbol of element on the coffin. The Arch Angels laid down and an enormous bright light came over all six.

The bright light sealed off all of them in the coffins. God then shrank the coffins down into little key chains and made a bracelet. Around his hand is were all six of the Arch Angels were being held. He descended down into Mother Earth and told her what he had done. Mother earth asked god why did u seal what u loved and cherished. God replied in my visions my six sons would have so much power they would destroy you and me with a singe flick of the hand. Mother earth then thanked and saw the bracelet. God realized she saw he hid it away and looked at her with confusion.

God then realized what power those six mini coffins held. Probably the most power in the universe. He then looked at the bracelet and had a strong urge to release them; he quickly turned his head and felt relief. He hadn’t seen how much power he created. The Arch Angels might be immobile but the powers still lived on. The powers could persuade, get inside your head and convince you to open the coffin. So then God hid under his robes and rose back to heaven. When he got back he tired and overwhelmed. He laid down and took a nap. He arose to the screaming and crying of mother earth. He descended once again to see what had happened.

When god reached mother earth he asked what had happen, what had made her scream and cry. When God saw Mother Earth he immediately knew something bad had happened. He could see she had nightmares and terrors of this happening. He wanted his children back the joy they brought will always be inside him. That’s what God wanted six new bright lights named Manwe, Secretis, Arsenol, Sinos, Sancret and Rankos. She told god something tragic; some thing that would change everything. 6 new bright lights had come out of where the Arch Angels were practicing their powers! Their powers must have created a chemical bond and created children. God was furious, outraged. But mother earth explained to god that since only little powers were left behind the children would have little powers. God called them Angels since they descended from Arch Angels. He named them Grimlin, Arkanite, Simole, Argos, Licanae and Ancres. Mother Earth then greeted them and told the Angels what they had to achieve; Master their powers. Of course it would be simple but God saw otherwise. He saw war. Soon enough God had been correct. A movement happened and explained what had happened.

The Angels had been separated into two groups. One good, the other bad. Grimlim, Arkanite and Simole were the good. They were set out to protect Mother Earth. Argos, Licenae and Anres, the bad, were set out to destroy Mother Earth. They were set out to create Chaos, which was evil magic, and destroy Mother Earth. The battle between the two groups would start at noon. As noon came, the two groups joined together and started off. The ocean roared, the blades shimmered, the fire burned and the winds soared. The battle raged on for a century of no rest, no turning back. Then the two groups used so much power from their body’s they were banished into oblivion and Mother Earth was banished too. God saw what had happened and cried for years. The terrible tragedy of watching his loved ones die before him all happened because he felt lonely….

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