October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

“Gregory.” Called my master, though I wish he hadn’t. He has been overworking me all day trying to prepare our house for the visit of the king to check our house and demand our taxes. If he is to find even one flaw in our work or we do not pay the full amount of the taxes we could be immediately evicted from our house and have it burnt to the ground. My master is not about to let that happen. “Yes master.” Came my reply, trying not to sound irritated. “When you finish with cleaning the dishes I have an errand for you to run.” “Yes sir.” I said back. I wonder what it could be this time? He must want me to go into town or to the blacksmiths because otherwise he would have just given me another job. I only had five more plates, two bowls, and six spoons to clean so I quickly finished them, dried my hands and went to my master for my next job. When I walked into his small bedroom in our little cottage I found him with his back turned to the doorway looking intensely at something he was holding. “You called for me master Gorar?” My sudden appearance must have startled him because he quickly shoved what he was looking at in his ornately-decorated box and closed the lid before locking it. All I could get was a glimpse of silver as it went into the box. “Oh, you startled me Gregory.” He said quickly, putting the box on his shelf. “Yes, Gregory, I want you to go to the bread makers and buy two loaves of bread, then off to the grocer to get my order of fruits and vegetables.” He ordered. “Then drop by the blacksmiths and get four shoes for Marley, that horse needs trimming and shoeing before her feet become completely useless.” “Yes master, I will return as soon as I am finished, anything else you need?” “No, here, this should cover everything.” He said, handing me two silver coins and one gold. “If there is any extra, pick yourself up a little treat from the grocers for your services.”

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