The Second Murder

October 14, 2011
By Megpie94 SILVER, Cumberland, Maryland
Megpie94 SILVER, Cumberland, Maryland
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The years of 1892-1893 were two very suspenseful years. This is fact not fiction, for on August 4, 1892 Lizzie Borden murdered her step-mother and her father. In 1893 her trial was held and she was said innocent, but after the trial people started to realize that she was the murderess. So people started to kick her out of organizations and not welcome her anymore to Fallriver, everyone but her, ten year older sister, Emma Borden. They moved in to a big house on a hill, after the trial, in Fallriver Massachusetts and came to call it that I have told you the facts in which I based my story on. This is my fictional sequel to the real murder. A few years later in 1895 Lizzie had an idea. Her idea bothered Emma very much for Lizzie’s idea was very dangerous not to mention illegal. Lizzie dared not mention it to her sister ever again until August 3 for she had had enough of Emma’s stubbornness. So she told her sister of her idea again and waited for a response. Emma gave in after much pestering and asked Lizzie how she had planned on carrying out this deed. Lizzie said she had not thought of how she was going to do it. So for the rest of the day the two sisters planned their ghastly deed. So on August 4th at about 3:17 in the morning they set up for work. Emma went in to town and saw a child walking home, Emma snatched her and asked her for her name and the girl said “Linise Becker”. Emma took her to Maplecroft laid her on some plastic that was laid upon the floor, tied her down, ran to her room, and yelled” L-Lizzie she’s ready,”so Lizzie went to the poor child in her rain dress and took the ax from behind her back and stood there for a moment watching the small helpless child shake, sweat, and sob. Lizzie then threw down the ax on the weak and feeble youngster lying there sobbing until her tiny eyes where red and puffy. She brought the ax up and looked at the child that was once a happy 5 year old girl, that was now a small body lying on the once clear plastic, now red plastic, with a look of terror in her eyes. Lizzie whacked her a total of twenty-nine times taking a breath in between each whack, then just stared at her. Linise was a blob of ripped flesh, broken bone, and oozy blood on the dark red plastic. Her brain was everywhere chopped in small pieces. Lizzie got washed and dressed in non-bloody, proper clothes and told Emma she could come out now. The two sisters untied the body, cutout Linise’s stomach, and shoved it in to a pan, with a lid, on the stove. Emma carried the larger fragments of body, rolled it in the plastic, and buried it outside in the front yard for it was only 5:27 in the morning and it was still very dark. So Lizzie cleaned up the mess including the sagging ax and she threw the smaller fragments of body in with the stomach. The sisters washed up and went back to sleep. Later in the day there was a missing report filed for Linise Becker. They decided to eat the stomach. In 1896 Gracie Rogers and Suzanna Baltimore were playing in the front yard of Maplecroft, they started to dig around and into Linise’s grave. When they saw the corpse rolled up in plastic they screamed. The sisters ran outside, shoed them off, redid the grave, and went into their home. Gracie and Suzanna told the police what they had found and the police went to Maplecroft. Emma let them in and went to go tell Lizzie who was there. The police asked a lot of questions to the sisters. The questions were fairly easily for Lizzie but, Emma’s mind was racing.As the police were asking questions they watched Lizzie so close she could feel their eyes go in her like nails going farther and farther in her face. Emma was shaking all over and when the police asked what was wrong she said very weakly “I-I am w -worried about m-my sis-sister’s well being,” ”what do you mean,” asked the shorter policeman. “Well one year ago Lizzie left real early in the morning, then she stayed in her room until around 5:27 in the morning with a red plastic-blanket thing, took it out side, and returned about fifteen minutes later with dirt all over he,” lied the frantic Emma. “Oh, I see, Lizzie is this true,” asked the taller man? Lizzie just sat there and looked from each of the men, to her sister, and back again. For Emma’s eyes were watering with each passing second. “Let’s start from the beginning, did you murder your parents on August 4, 1892,” questioned the taller man still…silence. Lizzie‘s mind was racing, for she was furious with Emma for lying to the police. “Yes, I did all three murders, I did kidnap the girl,” answered Lizzie telling only half the truth. “Lizzie Andrew Borden you are arrested for murder and kidnapping,” said the short man. As the men took Lizzie away, they told Emma to stay home until notified to do so. So Emma stayed, and when they were gone Emma fell to the floor and cried a joyful cry, until she had no more tears to cry. The policemen took Lizzie inside the jailhouse to question her. “How did you kidnap kill the girl,” asked the taller man. “I went into town at about 3:17 in the morning, saw the girl walking home, I grabbed her, took her home, tied her to a piece of plastic, and whacked her with an ax twenty-nine times. I cut out her stomach burned it, rolled the rest of her body in the plastic, and burned it,” answered Lizzie to the two stunned yet amused policemen. Back at their home Gracie and Suzanna knocked on the door, Gracie said “I know what really happened you big, mean, liar.” “I do not know what you are talking about,” answered Emma. The two of them left and went to the police station to tell what they had witnessed. “Lizzie follow me I will take you to your cell” said the shorter man, as he lead Lizzie to her cell past dirty and smelly men.” You will be given your punishment later today.” As the man left, Lizzie sat on the iron bed that was so very familiar. Emma was very happy, “Ha, that will teach her a lesson,” she laughed. As Emma was laughing, Lizzie was weeping. Lizzie was sitting on the bed going over the events of the past four years in her head. Later that day Gracie and Suzanna told the policemen the real story. “Emma was the one who kidnapped Linise,”said Gracie, “Yeah, Emma was involved in it as much as Lizzie was,” added the frantic Suzanna. The police shook their heads in dismay “I knew something was up, with the way both of them were acting,” said the short man. “Yeah, Emma has always seemed queer, girls thank you so very much for this valuable information, we are going to go right now and talk toLizzie. Then, we will have ourselves a little chat with Miss. Emma.” said the taller man. The men went to find her fighting back tears. When Lizzie saw them she wiped away her tears. “Listen, two girls came to us and told us that Emma was also involved in this, is that true,” “tell us the truth, we won’t shout or hurt you,” said the men. Lizzie looked down at her feet as tears fell down her face just to add to her dampened spirits. “Yes, she was apart of it,” said Lizzie in barely a whisper. The men nodded and thanked her for her honesty. “Sir, please don’t tell her that I told you,” Lizzie said. “Why not, Lizzie why can’t we,” asked the puzzled, short man. “She will hurt me like Mrs. Borden did, I know she will, I know it,” she said in a frightened voice to the two very shocked and confused men. “What do you mean, did your mother hurt you, what did she do,” asked the small man? “I don’t really want to talk about it,” said the small and feeble women. “Lizzie if you are lying don’t tell us, if you are not lying tell us, we won’t shout or hurt you, we just want to know what you mean, you are safe here,” said the frustrated taller man. “Well she would hit me for no reason, she would yell at me for silly things, and then she would threaten to kill me and call me names. Emma would just sit and watch and sometimes she would laugh at me. Father never seemed to notice anything. I promised to keep my mouth shut,” explained Lizzie. “We won’t tell Emma anything I promise,” said the men in unison. As they left Lizzie thanked them and said she was sorry. Lizzie did start to cry, but only for a little while. The men went back to “re-question” Emma. While all of this was happening Emma realized she had to flee Fallriver, so as to never get caught. So when the policemen knocked on their door nobody answered “you think she’s home?” “She should be, we told her to stay until notified.” So they knocked again they received the same response…silence. “Todd, I will go around back you can stay here,” said the short officer, “good idea Frank but, I will go inside,” responded Todd. So Todd went out back and Frank went inside, for the door was unlocked. Frank had on luck, neither did Todd. “I’ve searched everywhere I just can’t seem to find her anywhere, lets just give up,” said Todd. “Yeah, this is getting ridiculous,” added Frank. So after 2 ½ long hours of searching for the murderess’s sister, with no success, they headed back to the station. While they were gone someone sneaked in and murdered Lizzie. When Frank and Todd got there, and saw the mess they were furious. “Look a note, how queer,” said Frank in a very strained voice as he cluched his teeth.
“Dear people,
I have killed my sister for she deserved it.
I did have my part in the kidnapping and killing
Of that little brat, you know that Linise kid.
Well you will never find me.
Emma Leonra Borden,”
as Todd read this note Franks face went a horrid red color. A week later they had a funeral for Linise than for Lizzie. So for three gruciating years Frank Todd, and some others went looking for Emma, but they never returned. It is said that Emma killed and ate them all and all because Lizzie had an idea in 1895.

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