War Diary

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

-July 4th, 1939

This summer has been one h*ll of a ride so far journal. From pitching the woo up on lovers point, to visiting the gin mill with the pallys I think it's been the best of my life. But what else would you expect the summer after your senior year eh? I hear that Germany is startin' a fuss over in Europe, invading Poland. Pops tells me its best we Americans keep out of it. Somethin' 'bout isolationism says pa. Not like I've gotta worry 'bout it, I don't think life could get any better.

-November 28th, 1940

Ma got a letter today saying that I would have to report to the Army Corps. She couldn't stop cryin' and I couldn't help but let out a few angry tears. Leaving my doll is gonna be hard but I suppose it won't be too bad since some of my chums from high school and the factory are gonna be in my unit. Besides, we're the d*mn US of A, ain't no way we're losing this thing to some rotten gerry's. 'Specially that imbecile Hitler. I ship off to Fort Benning, Georgia for boot camp in a week's time.

-June 7th, 1944

How the h*ll did the world get to be like this? I spent the night sleeping under the dead bodies of my late friends and trying not to go insane. We stormed the beaches of Normandy and although we won the fight, at what cost was this victory? Thousands, no tens of thousands of letters will be going home to families today to let them know their son won't be comin' home. I survived solely because I stacked my friends up practically using them as sand bags for shelter. A stray round knocked me out and I just woke up, the battle over. H*ll they probably sent a letter home to my family thinkin' I was dead. All I can remember is seein' the life leave their eyes. A battleground has to be the loneliest place on Earth. I'm only 18, I should be at home, going to fireworks, necking with my girl, workin' at the factory, playin' ball with my bro. Instead I'm here fightin' a battle that ain't even mine. All because this Hitler guy had to start killin' a completely innocent group of people. Coward.

-October 8th, 1944

How is it that you can be surrounded by people and still be so d*mn lonely? Yea we're winnin' this fight but I haven't gone through one day without feeling the urge to just end it all. But I know this is a righteous cause and I've got to get through it. If not for myself and family, then for all those people in those camps. Soon it'll be the kiss off for that mangy Adolf Hitler.

-September 12th, 1945

We did it, we won. But I can't help but still feeling lonely. I feel the faces of all that I killed and watched die will forever be engraved in my mind. Nothing will ever be the same for me ever again. I was a pawn for my Government. They hid behind me, let me do all the brutal murders. The only people who might understand this are mostly all dead. I feel as though this is the last time I'll write in this journal. The blood, sweat and tear stains engrained on each and every page remind me of war too much. Even the smell incites flashbacks. Besides it distracts me too much from my life. What's left of it that is. Half my time is spent waking up in a cold sweat, the other half staring at work and remembering what life in the war was like. I feel soon it will become too much to bare. Loneliness just has a way of creeping up on you like that.

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