The Attack

October 1, 2011
By sammy829 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
sammy829 BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Courage is being scared to death; but saddling up anyway.

If I knew what was going to happen that day I would not have gone to work. I would have stayed home and prayed. If I found the courage in me I might have gone to the towers and pulled the fire alarms. Instead I went to work like it was a regular day. I work for an insurance company in one of the Twin Towers in New York. To be exact, my office is on the 81st floor. I was a little against working there because my desk is right next to a window. Whenever I look out the window it is a straight drop to cement. Not my dream job location.
My name is John Johnson. I was born and raised here. My parents got divorced when I was twelve. My dad moved to Kansas and my mom and I stayed in New York. My mom works at a Fashion company uptown. She wanted three girls to share her company with. Instead she got one boy, me. She actually tried to convince me to work for her. But every time she asked I would shake my head and say no. Fifteen years later I am working for an insurance company. It isn't the worst job ever, just not the best. Sometimes I wonder if I should have said yes to my mother. That's what I was thinking at my desk when something caught my eye.
I looked to my side and saw a plane. I have seen many planes fly by during the day because there are so many airports around this area. But there was something different about this one. It was flying low, especially since it was in a city. Not only that but it was flying straight at me. I was frozen, unable to move any part of my body. Some people around me started to notice. Everything was moving in slow motion. We all just stared, petrified. Finally, a woman screamed.
I died instantly of shock. Before I died pictures and memories of my mother and father flashed in my head. When they were together before they got divorced and all the fun we use to have. I felt such a strong pain in my stomach, it felt like my insides exploded. My last thoughts were of my mother and how I wished that I chose to work at the Fashion Company with her.

I was in a meeting when a plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers. What scared me the most was I was in the other one. I didn't hear anything, but after a couple of minutes the harsh smell of smoke filled the air. There were ten people in the conference room. Slowly, we all stood up and walked over to the windows to see what was going on. Way up in the other tower was the tail of a plane sticking out surrounded by smoke and flames.
People gasped. I just stood there, my feet planted into the ground. The crash was like an illusion; I couldn't take my eyes away from it. I must have stood there longer than I thought because my boss came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Elizabeth, Elizabeth," he said. I blinked four times before I looked away. Still trying to comprehend what was happening. "Elizabeth, come on. Everyone is suppose to meet together. Come on," he begged. Everyone was talking and screaming; I couldn't even think. People said that the crash happened around the 80th floor. My boss was trying to calm everyone down, telling us that everything was okay and that we were in no danger.
"It was just an accident. Everyone can go back to work," the boss announced. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A plane just crashed into a building right next to us and we are suppose to act like nothing happened. As people went back to their jobs I walked over to my desk and grabbed my purse and a few papers. I locked my eyes on the elevator and walked straight to it without telling anyone I was leaving.
Getting into the elevator I felt nauseated. Did the pilot have a heart attack? How many people were on the plane? Was this an accident? As I got out of the elevator I walked so fast out of the building you might say I was skipping. It must have been twenty five minutes since the plane crashed into the tower. Right as I was calling a taxi I watched a second plane fly into the second Twin tower right where I would have been working.

The view is incredible. I can see the Statue of Liberty. I can watch ships travel from land to land. From a different angle I can see the most beautiful part of the city. Sometimes I will stay after hours to watch the city light up at night time or I will come in early to watch the sun rise over the sea. It is easy to get distracted working here. I manage to get all of my work done on time and try to finish early so I can just look out my window and daydream. I work on the 105th floor in one of the Twin Towers. I have always loved working here until today.
I slept through my alarm so I was an hour and a half late for work. I got to work at eight forty. When I walked into my office everyone was up against the windows. People’s faces were in shock. Some women were even crying! What in the world is going on. “Dave,” I said, “What is going on? What happened?” He looked at me with worry in his eyes. I grinned trying to make him smile. “A plane just crashed into the other Twin Tower. We don’t know why and if it was an accident or not? My grin slowly disappeared.
Cody, our manager came up behind me. “Everyone. Can I please have your attention. As you can see a plane has crashed into the Twin Tower. But, I expect you all to go back to work. We are in no danger. That is all.” People around me started to whisper. I looked out the window at the crash for a few seconds. Then walked over to my desk and started to work.
Some people left but I just continued on my day. I looked at the Statue of Liberty. It was a beautiful day except for the plane crash. Everything was moving along good until ten thirty. I was typing up a paper when all of a sudden the building started to shake. I thought it might be an earth quake. Boy was I wrong. I stood up and walked over to where the crowd was. “What’s going on,” I demanded!
“A plane just crashed into this building,” cried out a woman in a blue suit.
“There is no way out. The elevator is stuck and the stairs are burning by the minute,” said a man I didn’t know. From then people went into panic.
I found Dave in the commotion and walked over to him. “Dave”, I said, “What are we going to do?” I would call Dave a strong man. But right now he looked ghastly. His face was a sickish white and his eyes full of tears. He looked towards a window. Before I could say anything he sprinted to the window. The glass shattered and Dave fell to his death. My eyes followed him but I looked away right below his body met the ground.
What am I going to do? I can stay here. I will either burn to death or be squished to death by the walls around me. Or I can jump like Dave did and die from trying to fly. “God, please help us. Amen.” As I said that last word I followed Dave’s footsteps and sprinted towards the shattered window. On my way to death I looked around at the two towers that would soon crumble to the ground. I looked at the people watching me jump. I also looked at the people in the towers that would probably die, too. I wondered why this happened and who would even do such a thing?

When the first plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers I thought it was just an accident. The pilot probably had a heart attack. It has happened before and it probably just happened again. But when the second plane crashed into the second Twin Tower, I knew it was no accident. It was an attack.
Today was my day off from work. I decided to walk around town and enjoy the city. But life had a bigger purpose for today. I was eating a bagel and cream cheese while sitting on a bench next to the Twin Towers. I was thinking about what a beautiful day it was and how blessed I was to be here. When the first plane crashed into the tower I didn’t move from the bench. I just stared at the tower and was watching. People were crowding around to see what just happened. As I heard crying and screams I watched the flames and smoke burst out of the tower.
When the second plane crashed into the other Twin Tower people started to lose it. People were calling family and friends. Some were recording what was happening on their phones and some people started to run and get as far away as they could. I was standing now, still watching. Without control tears started to travel down my cheeks.
I heard police and fire truck sirens coming. The fireman ran into the towers while the police told everyone to leave. I didn’t move more than five feet until I heard a huge crunch. The first Twin Tower was starting to crumble down. After about twenty seconds of watching I started to sprint the opposite direction.
After about three blocks I stopped to catch my breath. I had knee surgery a few years ago and it was starting show. I leaned up against a car taking deep breathes. As I started to look towards the direction of the attack a huge dust cloud was coming straight at me. I started to run but I tripped over a sewer drain. I grabbed my shirt and covered my face as the dust surrounded me.

Just dropped the kids off at school, made a quick run to the grocery store and now I am making a cup of tea. I hold the mug with both hands as I walk over to the couch. Grabbing the remote I turn on the television to the news. It was showing a picture of the Twin Towers and something was sticking out of it surrounded by smoke and flames. What is going on?

“A plane has just crashed into the Twin tower,” said the broadcaster. “It is such a horrific accident!” My jaw dropped. My eyes were glued to the television. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. It showed different angles of the crash and was explaining how it happened. They kept saying how it was such a sad accident.

Those poor people in the plane. They were just going to Grandma’s or coming home from a business trip or leaving on their honeymoon. Who knows?! Then the worst thing that could happen, happened next. I watched as another plane flew into the other Twin Tower. The broadcasting lady kept saying, “Oh, my god!” At that time everyone knew that it was not an accident.

As I continued to watch my heart sunk to a place I didn’t know it could sink to. Tears were streaming down my face. Even though I was seeing it, I did not fully believe it. I fell to my knees as the first tower started to crumble. The television showed people running for their lives. It showed policeman and fireman running out of the building.

While the second tower crumbled to the ground people on the television were silent just watching. No one said anything while the last piece of the tower fell to the ground. After a few minutes of silence a man appeared on the screen. “This is a day that we will never forget,” he said, ”This day will be known as the day the Twin Towers were destroyed. The day that thousands of people died. It will be known as today, 9/11.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this about what happened to the Twin Towers on 9/11. I read the book, Seedfolks and that inspired me to write this piece. I wanted to make the reader feel the emotion that the characters felt and feel like they are there.

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