The widowed soldier

October 3, 2011
By DoodleBug44 BRONZE, Macodon, New York
DoodleBug44 BRONZE, Macodon, New York
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“Ah, fiddlesticks, his leg fell off.” She cried under her breath as the nurse failed to safely amputate her beloved husband’s leg. Knowing it wasn’t the nurses fault she couldn’t be mad at her, only the enemy, only the Britain’s. Hearing his cries, she left the room with the knowledge of the chance that she might be a widow in a matter of minutes. She cried silent waterfalls.

“Hello, sir why aren’t you in the battle field”, the white haired sergeant asked the soldier walking by.

“Uh I had to carry an injured man into the infirmary” the soldier replied

“Ok now into the battle field. NOW”

“Sir yes sir” and the soldier was gone
She took off her hat in the battle field and ran away when she heard a gunshot pass by her ear. She knew this was a risk that could leave her dead like her husband but she had to protect her country and their right when her husband couldn’t.

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