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Lost Colony

September 12, 2011
By lance Pearson BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
lance Pearson BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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Day’s smear into day’s as the boat continues to sail through the Atlantic Ocean, the choppy water mimics the feeling I have in my stomach. We sail under the direction of our captain Sir Walter Raleigh and our appointed leader by her Majesty and Queen of England, Elizabeth I. Our course is charted for an Island outside of North Carolina, an uncolonized land unfamiliar to the crown. My name is Charles Darwin, a local bailiff in England, a wealthy man, highly respected by the crown, and hand chosen by her majesty.

As a new dawn breaks over the horizon I hear the eye’s from the Crows Nest call out the words I have been longing to hear for the past two weeks…

“Land Ho!!!!”

A glorious sound, it rings in my ears like a lovely opera, as all the colonists come to the bow of the boat to gaze in awe of the Island. It is no more than about 12 km long by 3 km wide, we wonder what the crown could ever want with this puny little island? The sight of land and a chance to finally leave this boat is all that concerns us. As the boat’s sails are rung up and tied we start to loose our speed, as we prepare to land on the beach. I hear the heavy footsteps of our leader Sir Walter Raleigh.

“Welcome to the New world”, he thunders

“Your new lives begin here, now before we land…”

His voice resounds like fingernails on a chalk board in my ear, back in England Sir Walter had a terrible reputation for gambling at the local bar called the Angry bird, he also had a terrible reputation of loosing. Long story short, I went to the Angry Bird to take some money from Sir Walter, who at this point was drunk beyond recollection. We engaged in a game of poker, by the time the game was 20 minutes in I had won two hundred pounds. As I looked at my hand I was a queen of hearts, a queen of spades, a queen of diamonds, a queen of clubs, and a ace of spades.

“I bet one hundred and fifty pounds” I said

Exasperated gasps rose from the table as I moved three quarters of my money to the middle of the playing table.

“Your move” I say

“I’ll match your 150 pounds and raise you 25 shillings” he answered

“I’ll match your bet and call” I say

I put you hand on the table,

“four of a kind” I say

As he lays down his hand I see the faces of the cards and a sheer terror runs through my veins,

“Royal Flush”

The onlooker of our game begin to chatter, an overwhelming rage begins to consume me,

“You Hornswaggle!”, I scream

I take the remaining fifty pounds on the table and storm out of the Angry bird. I sill have hostility toward that man, he had to have cheated.

As we gather our belongings and walk onto the beach, I scan the horizon of the Island, in short It is a very vegetated land, probably most fertile for planting crops. As the days wage on after we landed we find that the Island is not as fertile as we had hoped, therefore Sir Walter had to make a trip back to England. Three days after he made his journey home for supplies the Island seemed to become a very hostile place, all the colonists fought over the most minuet things, fights broke out duels were fought, just for someone looking at you crossways. As the deaths began to come for frequent the settlers found that they had killed a majority of the people, they have begun to eat their own, no one knows who will die next… as I sit here in my home barricaded by every piece of furniture that I own, I hear the pounding on the door, they will find me, these are my last words…
Charles Darwin

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