The Day the Music Stopped

September 12, 2011
By Joanna Chandler BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Joanna Chandler BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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The date was December 8th 1980, the day a true legend died. Everybody remembers where they were when it happened, especially Holly Thompson.
“Holly get up your going to be late for school!” Holly’s mother Tara yelled. Holly opened her eyes knowing what day it was made her want to stay in bed forever; it was the first day of school. She was like any other sixteen year old girl; she hated school and her parents. The summer of 1980 had seemed to fly by so fast she never even got a chance to enjoy it. As she got dressed for school she turned on her stereo to listen to her favorite band The Beatles, even though the band has been broken up for almost a decade Holly was still obsessed. Not exactly obsessed with The Beatles, but more with John Lennon. He was her hero.
“About time breakfast is getting cold” Her mom said
“Sorry mom but I had no motivation so give me a break”
“Oh give you a break!....”
Her comes another one of her mother’s speeches about how hard her life is and how she shouldn’t complain. This is usually when she nods her head and blocks her out. Luckily here speech doesn’t last long, and Holly can escape to school without hearing any more b****ing, that is if you consider school as an escape.
As she takes her long walk to school she starting singing the words to Strawberry fields forever, her favorite John Lennon song. While walking down the side walk her mind seemed to drift away, back into another time, when nothing made sense, her mind was somewhere in the 1960’s.

Holly’s mom never understood her, maybe it was because she was a teenager in the 1950’s back when people said, “golly gee”, “swell”, and “goodness gracious”. Where women cooked and clean the house, and wore dresses to there ankles. Where men where dominate and had class, but little did anyone know back then what the 60’s would bring.

This era took a completely different turn, this was where women burned there bra’s, blacks fought for there freedom, and the dresses to there ankles were a thing of the past. The greatest thing the 60’s brought though had to be The Beatles. Whoever would have thought that four guys by the names of John Lennon, Ringo Star, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney , would turn the world completely upside down. Maybe it was the worlds to Revolution or Twist and Shout, but there lyrics has the whole world mesmerized.
Holly was a little girl when The Beatles were big, but the images of women fainting and people screaming will live in her mind forever. To her it seemed like they were still together and things would never change.
“Hey Holly what are you doing come on were going to be late”
With a blink of an eye Holly realized that she had already walked to the school and past it.
“Oh sorry I’m coming” she said
Nothing like school to bring you back to reality.

As the months past things didn’t change much she went to a few dances, and got lectured at least a thousand times by her mom, but the day approached December 8, the day she was going to meet John Lennon.

The day was crazy as she ran to the signing she saw at least a million people but she didn’t mind the wait. As a few hours past she reached the front of the line and it was almost her turn. She looked back and noticed a big man with glasses behind her she didn’t think much of it. Finally it was her turn and as she read told him her name and watched him write it down she could have swore she was floating on a cloud. When she walked away she heard the man behind her read his name to John Lennon, Mark Chapman, again she thought nothing of it. The day past by quickly the hours seemed like minutes, the thought of seeing John Lennon had put her mind into some other world.
That night her dog keep barking so she decided to take him for a walk, yeah it was late and she was in New York,but she didn’t mind she lived there her whole life there and knew to be careful. While walking down the street she saw the hotel John Lennon was staying in, and he was standing outside! But then she saw that man again Mark Chapman. He approached John Lennon and said
“Mr. Lennon”
John Lennon turned around and saw a gun in his face Holly was speechless. And in that instant she closed her eyes and all she heard was the gunshots.

That was it, it was over he was gone, the Legend, her hero was dead.

The next morning she listened to the radio, the gave all the details about the shooting, but she didn’t need to hear them she knew exactly what happened. At the end of the broadcast the man ended with
“Now we all ask for a moment of silence for this is the day, the music has stopped”.

The author's comments:
I am an up and coming writer and I hope you enjoy this

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