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September 12, 2011
By unknown&unspoken GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
unknown&unspoken GOLD, Monte Vista, Colorado
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Transcripts taken from United Airlines Flight 93 Newark International Airport to San Francisco International Airport- September 11, 2001
7:50 a.m.
215-199-0704: Hey! I was just about to call you, we’re boarding.
899-600-4633: Oh okay. I just wanted to call and say have a safe flight.
215-199-0704: I should be home by dinner. Can’t wait to see you, I promise no more business trips till after Angels born.
899-600-4633: Sounds like you finally looked over the list of names I made.
215-199-0704: Yes ma’m. It’s my favorite by far…Well I gotta go babe but I’ll call when I land.
899-600-4633: Alright. I love you. See you soon Jeremy.
215-199-0704: Love you too. Bye.
9:36 a.m.
215-199-0704: Hello?
300-555-4132: Jenny it’s me.
215-199-0704: Jeremy! I was so worried about you. What number are you calling from?
300-555-4132: The air phone but that’s not important right now. You need to call the FBI.
215-199-0704: Jeremy why? You’re scaring me.
300-555-4132: Our planes been hijacked. All of the pilots and a few others have been stabbed.
215-199-0704: Oh my gosh…Who’s flying the plane?
300-555-4132: One of the hijackers. He just made an announcement telling us to remain seated because there is a bomb on board.
215-199-0704: [crying] Have you seen the bomb?
300-555-4132: No but the others say one of the men has red boxes strapped onto his belt with a lot of wires attached to him and it.
215-199-0704: Jeremy, I have to tell you something.
300-555-4132: [silence]
215-199-0704: Your plane is part of an attack on the US. Three other planes have been hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
300-555-4132: Does the news or anyone else know about our plane?
215-199-0704: No. Jeremy what are you going to do?
300-555-4132: I don’t know Jenny but they’re coming back to check on us...I’m going to set the phone down, be quiet.
300-555-4132: [background] “Hey. No phones hang up now.” “But it’s my wife please….” [screams and shuffling]
215-199-0704: Jeremy!!! Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. Someone call the cops.
300-555-4132: [background] “Hi, this is the captain. I would like you all to remain seated. There is a bomb on board and are going back to the airport. Please remain quiet.”
215-199-0704: Hello? Is anyone there? Jeremy please!
300-555-4132: [whispered] Jenny I’m here. I’m fine please just stay quiet for another bit.
215-199-0704: Okay thank god your alright.
9:49 a.m.
300-555-4132: Jenny are you there? I’m back
215-199-0704: Yes I’m here, I called the FBI. I’m on hold.
300-555-4132: D***. It’s okay we’re going to do something.
215-199-0704: What you mean?
300-555-4132: Not sure but we’re going to have a vote soon. We can’t just sit back and allow another attack take place. Has the news reported anything about us or any other places in danger of being attacked?
215-199-0704: Nothing about you. But they’ve evacuated the White House and Capitol.
300-555-4132: Oh my gosh. Hold on one second. [background] “Everyone my wife just said they’ve evacuated the White House and Capitol. That must be where we are headed” “Let’s vote now!” “All in favor of rushing the cockpit and taking over the plane say aye.” “But none of us knows how to fly a plane. What happens after we regain the plane?” “We’ll do what we have to. There are only twenty-eight of us left plus four of them which is a lot less then the thousands of people dying right now.” “It’s your call. Yes or no?”
300-555-4132: I’m back. We’re going to do this.
215-199-0704: Please be safe…I love our country but I love you more.
300-555-4132: I love you too Jenny.
215-199-0704: [crying] what are they doing now?
300-555-4132: The flight attendant is boiling water to throw on them and others are preparing the cart to crash into the door.
215-199-0704: What will you do?
300-555-4132: Whatever I have to.
215-199-0704: She’s kicking. Probably because my heart won’t stop pounding.
300-555-4132: [muffled sobs] Promise me you’ll tell Angel what her daddy did.
215-199-0704: No, Jeremy you’re going to tell her yourself.
300-555-4132: Okay baby… I have to go.
215-199-0704: I know
300-555-4132: I love you. I’m so sorry I won’t be there to see the birth of our baby girl…I really hope she looks like you.
215-199-0704: [crying] I love you too. Watch over us Jeremy. I know she’ll be a fighter just like her daddy.
300-555-4132: Stay safe and take care of my parents.
215-199-0704: I will.
300-555-4132: [silence]
215-199-0704: I’m so glad you called.
300-555-4132: [silence]
9:57a.m. call ends
10:03 a.m. United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PA. No survivors

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"A common field one day. A field of honor forever."

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