The Old Leather Diary

September 5, 2011
By , Kingwood, TX
Liesl burst through the door with a start. She hurriedly tore across the room knocking over various objects. Frantically, she found herself in front of the side table next to the old wooden bed and thrust open the drawer. She pulled out the old leather diary from inside the drawer. She held it for a minute and felt the pulse of the secret within it. This diary had been her family since 1945, passed down through the generations. It was Liesl's grandmother who had acquired the diary, right at the end of the second world war. Her grandmother had warned Liesl to never read the diary, but to simply protect it from the world. Unfortunately, Liesl became mischievous, and had one day opened the diary. Now she knew their secret. Now they were coming. They knew that she knew the big secret. They were coming and they were going to kill her. In that same instant she could hear a bang at the front door followed by unintelligible shouts. Noises and shouts echoed from downstairs as they broke down the door and began to search the house. She was trapped. For an instant everything was still. Not a sound could be heard over the children playing happily in the street and car horns in the distance. With a start, they burst upstairs. In a last attempt to rid herself of the secret, she thrust the diary out the window and out into the streets below. The next events happened all too fast. The door burst open, and the children stopped playing and dashed inside when they heard the gunshots ring out.

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